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  1. Does anyone have much experience or use them much on here. Looking to speak to genuine lads who run these. Thank you in advance
  2. Well i guess it was a pointless ask. Should of known better. Well happy hunting all and good luck for the season. Suppose ill just stick lamping alone.
  3. Hi everyone i was wondering are there any members on here in the area of wellingborough into there lurchers. I am always down there with work so thought id see if could meet some new people
  4. Hello and welcome. Does that mean the only hunting permitted in Canada is daylight hunting. That's gutting if it is so I feel for u
  5. He'll be a nice dog when older. He looked a good shape already
  6. Typical start to the season. Been waiting on my pup coming to age nipped out over the summe checking places and some looking good and used. Last season I resisted the urge to go near the places I was saving for my pup or let anyone dig them. Come the season and pup being a good age I look at all the spots and some are not holding some have been dug no not a good start and I was not a happy bunny that someone either beat me to them or dug them without me
  7. If it was me id keep taking the dog out on its own and put as much time in as you can it should pay off. If it doesn't and your dog carry on how he is then that might be as good a it's getting I'd settle for thar every dog has its downsides you either tolerate them or you don't. It's your dog you decide what you want how you want it and then work with the dog. That's how I'd be thinking and doing it but then again my dogs are probably nothing compared to most dogs on here that's y I didn't try tell u what to do n just gave my view how I'd try it
  8. Looking forward to seeing the pics of gaz as I may b interested see how they compare
  9. Another newbie interested in dog's. Especially the famous jacking bullx everyone seems to know of lol
  10. Some very tidy dogs you lot own and looks like they have seem some work
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