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  1. http://youtu.be/6isnwdePL54
  2. big-jay


    Borat fox hunting protest
  3. Well if anyone has a link for these or whateer could they let me know please
  4. Is there going to be any pics from the show put up?
  5. big-jay

    has anyone had this before?

    Heard of and almost seen it happen before. Just goes to show, if you can fool one of those buggers, you can full a pigeon no problem to come in. ATB Jay
  6. big-jay

    another 2 digs

    Well Done Pal
  7. big-jay

    Starting out gear

    You would have more than enough to get started. I myself started out with a 2nd hand hide net and 12 half shells and had the best of it.
  8. big-jay

    Applying for shotgun license?

    Very true All the info you need
  9. big-jay

    My Pup's 1st Catch

    Happy days, Will be the first of many im sure
  10. Glad to know the wee man is alright Im sure the pup learnt not to mess about round you wee lad again
  11. big-jay

    heres a couple of pics of my dogs

    Nice dogs them ATB Jay
  12. big-jay

    From pup to adult

    Great Looking Bitch That
  13. big-jay

    lurcher stolen

    Hope you get the dog back lad ATB Jay