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  1. Themaverick

    Birr Fair Huge Success

    Shane, So you should be - you have a great team with real family commitment. We all have enjoyed working with you and you set a standard of organisation that's hard to beat. With Tango's expertise added at Shanes I feel we really do have the two top teams in the country. Albertj Have to agree with you there Albert, both team's really know how a show should be run...And very colour co-ordinated !
  2. Themaverick

    Birr Fair Huge Success

    Put your hands in the air and give me all your money!
  3. Themaverick

    Birr Fair Huge Success

    Thats excellent news Albert, Kierans show is the best run show in the north... Cant wait, and roll on next year!
  4. Glad to hear this happened, just unfortunate that there's still questionable "whippets" in the whippet racing. Questionable whippets? the fact that pure bred whippet people are still willing to race there pure breeds against the blue dog, knowing what the dogs parents are , I have no sympathy to any person moaning about getting beat by that dog any more . good luck to them
  5. Albert EVERY dog was measured at the entry time, but any bodies that wish to put There mind at rest ,to see my dogs re-measure (publicly with-out the magic shrinking horse box!) This can be arranged no probs!,
  6. I have to say the racing at Birr castle went as smooth as i have ever seen racing go! line judges that were not competing themselves. Great bunch of honest people. Shame shanes castle hadnt the shame people running it ! Hats of to them Roscrea lads.. Hope they dont get involved with this crew from the north...! I withness EVERY under 21, EVERY under 23 being measured, no matter how small they look!! Well done to the ROSCREA WORKING DOG CLUB AND THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING WEEKEND!
  7. So does that mean that the NILRC wont be running the racing at this?! I hope so... if you count them out ...you can count me in...I will bring down a bit of northern support....!
  8. So who will be running the racing at this one Barry?
  9. Barry ,this will be the first of your shows that i have missed in 5 years...I apologies in advance for my absence .but i dont feel like i can take any more abuse from the greer's. In case you hadnt heard what really happened...there were 3 line judges ,2 of which said my dog had won, the 3rd line judge was 1 of the greers,he decides he can over rule the other line judges and put the other dog up!! total disgrace! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the crowd that got behind me on the day, who stood up for what was right ..thanks a million Good luck with the show! hope all goes well!
  10. Well if Charlene wants to take me for slander she can...because shes going to have to prove that im talking rubbish ,and prove her lurcher is in fact a whippet ,and she cant do that!!!lol
  11. charlene ,so i take it youll be there to win the whippet racing with your blue lurcher!! Flashing ur paper work about in the air , any one can have a set of papers dear.... and any body with a pair of eyes in there head can see ur blue dog "lush" is a lurcher! and the unders elites will be won by nigel's shrinking over 23' fawn dog, the lurcher categories will be won by his greyhound whippets...There is a bad crowd that has bulied there way in to these events to cheat to improve there trophies cabinets...And i will not be supporting any show they have bullied there way into running especially when the only 2 members that are left are the cheating brothers..! ,
  12. You forgot to answer my question Barry... will them greer brothers be running the racing?im asking this question for a bunch of people , not just myself. An we would like to know before we make a trip up...?
  13. Barry, can you tell me who will be running the racing now that the NILRC have went there separate ways and its only the 2 greer's left, as i dont fancy a trip up if they are having anything to do with the racing.??
  14. I would just like to say a big well done to paddy mcgrath and the lads from Carlow today on there big win in the mastermcgrath! Scooby was a great dog , and when Maverick and Scooby met a few years back in the same race Scooby pipped Maverick in the heats, same result happened in the final today with mavericks son Shogun! Great sweat! really gets the heart pumping...! Well done Paddy and Joey!