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  1. GeorgeH


    I used to do ok on Richworth KG-1 and also Essential Baits B5, but that was a few years back, wouldn't know if they were still any good now or even if they still make them!
  2. GeorgeH

    Bbc Director Loses The Plot

    I was just waiting for Manuel to come running over with the hamster
  3. GeorgeH

    Show Us Your Pups

    Cheers mate! She's a deer/grey x collie/grey. 26" tts. Coming on quite nicely so far
  4. GeorgeH

    Show Us Your Pups

    Titch just coming up to 15 months. Looking forward to getting her started this winter
  5. GeorgeH

    Met Anyone Famous?

    John Wilson at Lowther show about 15 years ago when i was a kid. He was my hero so it was a big deal for me then!
  6. I've just got one lurcher and two terriers now. Havn't got enough work to warrant keeping any more than that. Plus it's the old story that if i get another mutt her indoors gets another horse ....
  7. GeorgeH

    Two New Birds For Me

    Great pictures, the Bittern looks ace!
  8. GeorgeH

    Bit Of Fitness...

    That's a good looking little dog Gaz. Wish i muscled up that quick, although i don't suppose he eats as many mars bars on his walks as i do!
  9. GeorgeH

    Pig Enclosures

    We had 4ft stock fencing with 2 strands of electric wire inside it low to the ground which worked well. They soon learn not to go near it! Although somehow know when the battery on it is flat as well, so make sure it's always charged up.