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  1. Selling my Air arms classic .177 in beach, in really good condition. Comes with a new Hawke 3-9x50 scope, bipod and sling. £425 Ono, West Yorkshire but I do travel a bit with work if it helps in meeting. Can't add pics but will send if interested
  2. Hi Smoz Sent you a message Cheers
  3. I'm looking for a air bottle and wip in or around the West Yorks area Cheers
  4. astrix

    Fell Terrier?

    Think your referring to 'fell type'
  5. astrix

    Parks Stuff

    Few year back was at a show n jp was judging, took my black ruff haired bitch in, jp said just type I like to see but didn't place her. After the round he came over to me n we had a good chat, a real gent n a genuine bloke
  6. astrix

    Pig Enclosures

    Hi pesky, that pic looks a lot like a couple of mine, what crossing have you got? Looks like a bit of Berkshire in there
  7. astrix

    Pig Enclosures

    Well thanks for the advice lads, I dug down n buried some mesh then posted n stick meshed with 2 lots of barbed wire then run two strands of electric fencing all round Hopefully done enough
  8. astrix

    Incubators - That Old Question

    Hi pesky, I'm using a Brinsea 20 egg auto and there great, pretty much set up n leave, borrowed off a mate cos they can be a bit expensive even 2nd hand. I also have a generic 48 egg auto too, not bad but not as good as the Brinsea, Cheers, Astrix
  9. astrix

    Pig Enclosures

    Really good info there lads, thanks a lot Pesky them porkers look great, cheers
  10. I'd like a bit if advice from the guys who have kept pigs about any tips on making my pig enclosure escape proof? How far down should I sink the mesh, how high above ground, best posts to use eyc etc please Cheers
  11. astrix

    3Ltr 300 Bar Cylinder

    Hi Message sent, Cheers
  12. astrix

    3Ltr 300 Bar Cylinder

    Hi nangell, Do u av a pic please, Cheers
  13. astrix

    Rowan Engineering

    Hi Rez, thanks for the reply, Yeah asking that and what experiences guys av ad wi their magazine, any concerns ? Two local Gunshops I use, 1 said there great n the other said wouldn't touch. ?