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Tatty Old Airgun Section

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Been scrolling for like 5 mins and all I keep seeing is porn. Utter, wet, creamy filthy hairy vintage porn.

Stop it John Baz. Just stop.

The lightning mk1 with gold mounts just did it.

Ooh er missus :blink::laugh:

Ha. It's true though init. some of those models he's got are so rare, I ain't seen um since th days of 1992 airgunner.

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I was about to post some pictures of an old air rifle I was given yesterday and noticed there is a dedicated Tatty Old Air Rifle section!

I think it's a generic rifle made by the Midland Gun Co but it's badged as a T Wild. I was going to just repair the splits in the stock but it came apart far easier than any rifle I've stripped before so kept digging deeper.

I may be wrong but I guess it has to be 70 or 80 years old. I was impressed by the built-in spring-guides. The one inside the piston also doubles as the trigger tang.A very neat piece of simple but effective engineering

Despite the spring turning-out to have a definate kink and the outer washer being torn it fired well enough to put a dent in a bit of wood. The leather for a new washer is soaking as I type and I have a straighter spring salvaged from a scrapped Chinese rifle that looks like a reasonable match for the original. Interesting that the so-called "Powerful" Chinese underlever used a spring of similar dimensions to a workaday veteran of the 1930s!





Just to add to the tattyness of the Tatty old Air Rifle section


Hi Comanche


The older one in bits looks like my Diana mod27Export, Mine has no markings, I was told they were acid etched which invariably wears off!!


Mine even has the cracks in the same spot on the stock!, Mine was 'converted to O ring on the piston head and resprung with an ox spring by a so called 'Gunsmith' it was shooting extremely low pwered, Something like 2ft lbs as the O ring was the wrong size! I put my finger over the transfer port and pushed the piston down the cylinder with a large screwdriver, There was absolutely no resistance!, A 20mm x 2mm O ring had been fitted, I fitted a 20mmx2.5 or 3mm (Can't remember exactly!) but the piston wouldn't travel down the cylinder with the TP covered!, It rose to a little over 6ft lbs straight away but is losing compression now through the breech seal!!


This is the gun, Everything was larupped in grease too :blink:



This is the ph conversion, The O ring was doing nothing! Look at all dat Grease!! :icon_eek:



Crack closed well on one side



Not so well on tuther..






I actually bought some 1" leather parachute seals to put the piston seal back to how it should be, Not got round to it yet!!


I bought the nickel plated Gem from the melbourne vintage gun fayre a few weeks ago, It's lovely from this side, No so at the other side though!, It wouldn't push a pellet out of the barrel at first as the leather seal was dry as a nuns wotsit, A few drops of oil through the transfer port saved opening it up anbd it shoots quite well now for such and old thing!!





John :bye:

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