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Shooting Feral Pigeons

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Kind of goes back to the original question, What's the law on shooting feral pigeon in someones garden ? Suburbia or elsewhere?


The answer is in the link spence put up above - i.e the general licence. If you can prove it's for crop protection or to prevent disease, to protect or preserve flora and fauna, or for health and safety, AND you ensure the pellet doesn't leave your boundary, (by using suitable backstops), AND you have permission to shoot there, then yes.


sorry, it's still not legal, you also have to PROVE first that all other means to stop them have been done first, ie pigeon spikes/netting/anti perch glue etc, once all that is in place, and ferals are still coming in, in large numbers for roosting, then you can remove them legally by culling for health & safety reasons


all birds, even those on the pest species list, are protected by law,

back stops in trees are called tree trunks

I shoot ferals nearly every night for london underground, I still have to follow the rules

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