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  1. If its your gear its your responsibility to remove your waste.
  2. I used to have my website through their server and it was often hacked, not good having your customers phoning you to tell you about the russian porn
  3. FD, no bees in the Uk are protected. The amount of times I get the same old " you can't touch them, I've been on the Internet" or " the council won't do them as they're protected" drives me up the wall!
  4. Seen it quite a few times, removed a bumbles nest in the eaves the other day & there was a wasp nest directly over it.
  5. rasp

    Apple Watch

    I've got the stainless steel 42mm model with Milanese loop, black classic buckle and red sports band straps and I think it's the mutts nuts. Never wear it for work but it's nice to wear something different..
  6. Put some grab adhesive in the door lock.
  7. Last time I got to do all the fields it was 5-6 years ago, I've always done the estate fringes but it's typical of him to let it get really bad before the big cheque book comes out! 149 was the overall total from big clearance.
  8. 2016 looks good so far, had a call from a previous client who owns a very large estate with mole problems again. If it was as bad as before I'll be well happy![/url]
  9. In the past I've caught and come across moles travelling over land no problem, one in particular i witnessed travelling across a large car park! As for the mole activity near roads I put it down to the camber with the water run off
  10. 3yrs ago I got 21k back from the HSBC, 1/4 of it went to Gladstone brooks & then had to pay tax on all the interest payments from it. Overall we did ok but I wish now that I had just claimed without using a third party.
  11. Don't think it would make too much difference Smithie as I've caught them side on a few times, mine only go in about 3/4 depth and pegged down.
  12. By now hopefully everyone who's got some Putanges have tried them out & caught well, Knowing what us trappers are like have you made any tweaks/ modifications to them?
  13. Another one wrapped up nicely. [/url]
  14. Same here, put 30 sets down today never even thought about reaching for the duffus. Almost natural now in the setting of them. The way things are going I might even get a few more....
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