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  1. Out Ratting

    Got a few rabbits on the day out too.. Maizy a Beddy cross
  2. Out Ratting

    Wonder who this guy is off the HL with the dog on his shoulder? Answers please on a post card, and post to; Don. The Cockwell Inn, Catterick
  3. Birds "please Add Yours"

    A fair way off, osprey with fish from last years crop of images..
  4. Out Ratting

    Cheers Neil.. Here is another of the same dog, out of the same sequence..
  5. Out Ratting

    A few from last Sunday..
  6. Out Ratting

    Last Sunday, end of the day picture around 500 killed,
  7. Out Ratting

    In the corn...
  8. Out Ratting

    And a rabbit too
  9. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Thanks tillylamp... no problem..
  10. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Yes... the older birds like this one dont miss many cheers mate
  11. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Diving into the water for a fish..coming down about 30mph and up to 50mph as they hit the water
  12. Birds "please Add Yours"

    cheers matie Much appreciated..