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  1. Dogs heads studies

    Lab, waiting
  2. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Aye matie, its all test shots at the minute
  3. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Got the D850 matie
  4. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Always nice when that happens....great shot Going for sparrowhawks in a few weeks time, try my new camera out..
  5. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Ive put the wrong image up...eyesight failing
  6. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Farne island seal....
  7. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Females usually darker, and if it was viewed from the front, you would see more spots on the female...plus with this one, I know the pair, the male is ringed, and the female isnt.. This one is the female of this pair..
  8. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Great image matie, theres a few here, and in the summer a couple of long eared too..always good to see owls, I have squeaked barn owls in, but have never managed shorties
  9. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Male barn owl, surprised to hear my camera clicking, ringed, as there is an extensive owl ringing program here in Northumberland
  10. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Bee eater, taken in Sunderland
  11. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Good one, is it a one off that its come here, or do they come every year?? The 500mm would definitely help with that distance, what camera you got matie?
  12. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Ive shot ospreys with the 600mm f4, 400mm f 2.8 but my favourite lens, if I could afford one is the 500mm
  13. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Yes its a good combo on the right body...the 500 I hire has VR on, but I have never used it, its switched off for flight shots
  14. Birds "please Add Yours"

    An osprey from this years batch..