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  1. Smk pr900.

    Not seen you on in a while ug Always a treat your reports though mate DJ
  2. The big fella got his own back!

    It's just the way he is Matt, Big soft hearted git lol Generous to th e last

    Could not agree more Matt, the big lad does more than enough for people on here and never asks for anything in return so its just nice to give back when you can DJ

    Can't be mate, the grass is in a shocking state leaves bald patch's cant be VM's gaff. DJ
  5. New perm 🤞🤞

    Good for you mate, You cannot have to much land to shoot over you can always rest some and hammer other bits. DJ
  6. Scope issue

    Great that worked, Phil if you get yourself onto imgur its very easy to do, you obviously used photobucket so will have no problems on imgur its even easier once the image is uploaded you just select it and theres a copy button you click then just paste in your post where you want the picture, If you get stuck give me a pm I'll help you as much as i can but i bet you dont need it DJ
  7. Scope issue

    phil, just use the forum hosting for a quick easy way for now mate or I use imgur.com, works great and no messing about like photobucket mind I havent linked a picture since the new forum style so the above could go horribly wrong lol below is using the forum upload
  8. last weeks ratting.

    Flash git lol, 3 x 5p pieces in the same picture haha. Nice going jonjon you mk3 is performing well DJ
  9. Its ready for testing SI

    That actually looks very well proportioned mate. NV units sometimes look tool big on ultras but that looks well. Cannot wait for the write up. Ps the cill needs painting lol DJ
  10. Scope issue

    Sounds like you may have knocked it at some point mate. Try get a picture up so the lads can see what is wrong. DJ
  11. Air pistol hunting

    Didn't underdog do a bit with a pistol or am I thinking something totally different. DJ
  12. Pellet testing on air pistol

    Bet you loved it mate, Cannot beat a daft plink to lighten your mood. The superdomes look to be running through nicely. DJ
  13. Went after those wiley Wood Pigeons again.

    Nice one Mark, Ignore Rez, dont think I've seen you use that picture before DJ ps wheres your shooting buddy@? hes normal stood to attention.
  14. hw80

    Fluck me Jeff, with pictures lol, you must be looving this new forum, works great on mobiles eh, DJ ps that does look a cracking gun mate
  15. Just one unlucky punter

    Cracking Matt DJ