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  1. Jarvis

    Duck tubes

    My mate swears by his! He got 52 eggs out of just two of his last year. Even the local parish council where he lives have asked if he’ll put one on the village pond for them!
  2. Jarvis

    Duck tubes

    I’m going to be putting these on scaffold poles driven into the ponds with the leg you can see in picture slotted into the top of the scaffold pole. So they are elevated out of the water but most importantly up and out the way from predation and I will be able to see from the bank if they are being used.
  3. Jarvis

    First outing

    Cheers! Got a S&B 8X56 on top, very pleased with it. Very accurate rifle I’ve found as well. Three shots nearly in the same hole at 100 yards with factory ammo.
  4. Jarvis

    First outing

    First outing on the bucks with my new X Bolt .243 125 yard shot from the high seat, heart long shot dropped on the spot! Well cheffed is an understatement!
  5. The first of new the duck tubes I’ve made up. My mate has them on his shoot and has had Fantastic results so I’m going to give them a try on ours. Just need to sort some lengths of scaffolding now to sit them on in the water and they’ll be up and running! I’ll get some pictures up when they are in position.
  6. Jarvis

    Show your guns

    It is amazing what you see, especially with a thermal. Its great to see animals behaving naturally without them knowing you are there. I know what you mean about the unsporting part but when keepering a shoot the only good fox is a dead one...
  7. Jarvis

    Your Trail cam pics

    I also got sent this from a keeper who’s shoot is local to ours whos camera trap got a photo of this weirdo in woman’s boots and suspenders walking through one of his woods!! Haha!!!
  8. Jarvis

    Your Trail cam pics

    It’s only a screen shot so not great quality but it is a video recording of a fox from last year cocking it’s leg infront of my camera! Talk about taking the p!ss
  9. Jarvis

    Show your guns

    Just got in from a short evening out, just drying the scope and rifle off as there was a bit of drizzle coming down so here’s a closer pic of the scope for you. Only had this IR, scope and rifle combination together for a couple of months, I absolutely love it! And it’s just dropped it’s 12th Charlie. The scopes a drone x10 and a P.B. IR.
  10. Jarvis

    Show your guns

    Hahaha! That’s exactly the sort of thing my dad would say! In his eyes every O/U is a clay gun! He always shakes the hand of people on shoot days who still shoot S/S which is becoming a rarity, and he can’t bare to look at my synthetic franchi affinity!
  11. Jarvis

    Show your guns

    My favourite toy! Remington 700 vssf in .22-250
  12. I’ve been looking at getting a new caller. I like the look of the fox pro inferno, just wondering if anyone has one, if so what do you think of it? Sound quality, easy to us etc... also is it easy to upload additional calls? Thanks Jarvis
  13. Jarvis

    Out again last night

    Cheers, I was out with the thermal showing it to the chap who owns the shoot I keeper for the other night and on a five acre field we counted 70 rabbits! So that will defo be a long night getting to grips with them, my .22 will have a warm barrel!
  14. Out again last night with a mate on one of his permissions. Got on the back of the truck, had the vixen call going, 10 minutes in saw a fox but want interested in the call so not to educate it let it go on it’s way, another 20 mins passed and a fox came trotting up towards us stopped at 208 yards, my mate dropped it on the spot. Kept the caller going for a further 10 mins but nothing else came so moved onto another spot only 10 mins away, got the caller on vixen again, this time it was my turn to shoot his turn to spot, literally within 2 minutes a fox was running towards us but the wrong side of the hedge, we turned the caller off and as we hoped it would it came under the hedge our side and I dropped it at 182 yards. To good sized dogs delt with Was a great night and I was home and in bed for 10:45
  15. The new setup draws it first blood on its first outing! Got to the shoot only to see the intended fox had turned up early so missed the chance on that one so thought I’d wait it out and see if another showed it’s face. Waiting for about 45 mins not one but two showed up, one turned away from me and trotted down hill leaving its mate behind which, unlucky for her came up hill following the tramline towards me. Stood on the back of the truck I watched it getting closer and closer through the thermal, as it sat to have a good scratch I switched to the drone mounted on my .22-250 and zeroed at an inch high at 100 yards made no mistake in dropping the Charlie at 135 yards! Very happy with my new set up and hopefully the first of many foxes!