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    shooting riffles shotguns air riffles at my local golf course and farms
  1. Farm Yard Pest Control with a Shotgun

    Good video and shooting well done .
  2. Foxes with HMR

    Well done mate you go to the top off the class .
  3. my sons new rifle

    I had one a while back before I got my fac great guns and ideal for ratting also took a good number of rabbits no problem . Just got a pig farm for ratting so might look out for one myself again .
  4. Mk2 rapid my baby

    Great guns I've got one in fac only had it couple of month but seem to be taking it out more than the 22 rf at moment.
  5. A Big Thank You To Mhopton

    Well done to you all sounds like you had a cracking time .
  6. Joint Effort

    That's he'll of a bag there well done the both of you is there plenty more to go at ?
  7. R.i.p Nellie

    Didn't know him but very sad to hear rip.
  8. New Bee Well Getting Back Into The Game

    Hello and welcome
  9. Few For The Stinkers

    Well done this is why you should check out any new permissions you get asked to shoot no matter how small could lead to things bigger or better than you expected .
  10. Only 21 Billy/pav Not As Good As Your Outings

    Well done great bag well done lads.
  11. Police Stop Play

    l know I haven't been swearing so how come that keeps popping up ?
  12. Police Stop Play

    no mate jus inform the green keeper who norm tells me were rabbits causing damaged phoned him this morn to let him no [BANNED TEXT] happend and he knows off the woman ther had trouble with her in past walking over course. Mite be worth considering tho mate .
  13. A Few Hours Last Night

    Good bag again ther lads well done.
  14. Police Stop Play

    that's [BANNED TEXT] I was going to say to her but she dashed off before I could get to her mate .
  15. Police Stop Play

    Last night I went to my golf course permission to thin out a few rabbits on the practice greens were the green keepers have seen good numbers lately. Arrived at about 820 and scoped the rapid fac in on a bit of land behind green keepers yard before heading out as I was walking over to were I wanted to be I came across a old woman walking her dog . She was about 50 yards away from me just on the edge of the green at the side of the private road that runs down to the golf course . As she seen me she rushed of the course dragging the dog along before I could get to her anyway thought nothing of it and off I went to get set up before the light faded took one rabbit out before lost the light then put my t67 green light on and managed to shoot another 3 . Now this course gets a few poachers on it now and again but not norm on the practice greens so I was surprised to see 2 flash lights shining over my way I unloaded my gun and put back into slip and picked the rabbits up and made my way over. As I got closer I could see a police car near the trees in the distance and then the dog walker came into my head . As I got a bit closer the flash lights came across me and I could see 2 0fficers walking towards me ther asked me if I had permission to shoot here and checked me out over the radio came back clear I asked if there wanted to see my documents in van but ther said no and that when ther saw my van and looked in and saw the pest control on golf course sign that they new ther had a wasted journey. I asked them if it was a dog walker that reported me and they just smiled ther was ok with me and we got talking about shooting for 10 mins before ther went by the time it put a end to my night. Thanks for reading matty