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    shooting riffles shotguns air riffles at my local golf course and farms
  1. Favourite .22 Pellet for FAC guns

    I use aa field and jsb in my fac 22 theoben rapid .
  2. some foxes we had

    Well done mate I need to get a couple of the golf course I shoot at when I get some decent weather.
  3. New Bunny equipment

    Good one mate I had to order a new trigger unit from rimfire magic as was too heavy now just right . Won't go wrong with win subs I've tried others but always go back to win subs. Just need your first bunny now .
  4. New Bunny equipment

    Great guns for the rabbits I've also got one had it 3 year now and had plenty of rabbits with it . Mine likes Winchester subs good luck with it mate .
  5. Farm Yard Pest Control with a Shotgun

    Good video and shooting well done .
  6. Foxes with HMR

    Well done mate you go to the top off the class .
  7. my sons new rifle

    I had one a while back before I got my fac great guns and ideal for ratting also took a good number of rabbits no problem . Just got a pig farm for ratting so might look out for one myself again .
  8. Mk2 rapid my baby

    Great guns I've got one in fac only had it couple of month but seem to be taking it out more than the 22 rf at moment.
  9. A Big Thank You To Mhopton

    Well done to you all sounds like you had a cracking time .
  10. Joint Effort

    That's he'll of a bag there well done the both of you is there plenty more to go at ?
  11. R.i.p Nellie

    Didn't know him but very sad to hear rip.
  12. New Bee Well Getting Back Into The Game

    Hello and welcome
  13. Few For The Stinkers

    Well done this is why you should check out any new permissions you get asked to shoot no matter how small could lead to things bigger or better than you expected .
  14. Only 21 Billy/pav Not As Good As Your Outings

    Well done great bag well done lads.
  15. Police Stop Play

    l know I haven't been swearing so how come that keeps popping up ?