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  1. Getting fed up

    I' not having any issue finding rabbits this year which normall I do
  2. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    a few more of him there all old photos but the bottom pic in the snow is one of the best iv taken of him and what a day that was.
  3. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Thanks man, hes a decent dog to have around. I had him out yesterday and you could see in the way he was working that the change in weather/tempeature is definitely helping with regards to scent etc. Turned out to be a good little mooch with plenty getting knocked out for the little lurcher
  4. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    A couple of pictures of my lad, they probably been posted on here before but its not very often I take pictures of my dogs. Well not as much as I used to
  5. My saluki bull grey 27tts about 16month old doing very well
  6. Couldn’t resist

    My local hasn' been the best for rabbit numbers ever but this year is the most rabbits and hares iv seen for over 5 years
  7. Raw diet

    I always have a bag of gain 28 in because I do forget to defrost the raw food for the dogs but I also use it as s mixer also. I have a local butchers where I get beef mine 5lb for £1.25 I use another place for the rest of my raw which is lamb, tripe, chicken carcus, ducks neck, heart liver etc and they also sell a few of there mixed meat packs also which is mostly a combination of two meats. I fill my freezer with mackerel thro the summer and that tends to last me all winter also. I also like to feed all table scraps even if be a take away. Veg when ever I can and I like to chuck in a tin of plum tomatoes at least once a week (I don't realy know why but I remember an old greyhound man telling me it was good for them). I also give them bones every couple of weeks and I have lamb lac powder that I also give as a drink one every other week as a source of calcium keep there bones and teeth strong
  8. Stan

    Exactly mate I travell all over country to give my dogs work and have met some top boys who are a phone call away if I needed anything
  9. Stan

    Mate he hits stuff flat out. He has plenty speed. yeah man I had no reason to think you were not telling the truth. Like you say there not many good dog lads left but I'd like to think I'm one of them and the people I associate are the same.
  10. Stan

    😂😂😂 bunch of ronguns up there eh haha yes mate I appreciate it pal. Dog got a knocked up toe atm but after Christmas your welcome down for a night on the lamp 👍
  11. Stan

    hows his toe looking ? Still looks fat but it's not soft tissue it's hard but not effecting him at all now
  12. Stan

    Quick update on Stan, had him back out few nights ago and his toe seems to be fine and he has picked up where he left off and becoming a very handy young dog, keep him the way he is going and I'll be very happy
  13. On The Rabbits With Johnrussel

    I know mate iv been flat out with my pup had diesel out once so far this season. You will have to send me your number again pal. We need another night out but hopefully the weather is a bit better this time lol
  14. On The Rabbits With Johnrussel

    Good do lads, plenty about then.
  15. Was sat up in some long grass beside a wall