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  1. hey up lads

    Any medics on board, reason im asking is this, a good while back while out ferreting. I had a bad fall with me landing on top of my camera and ferret box, no lies but I was out cold for a spell, when I came around, I was entangled in barbed wire, anyways gets myself home no problems. no aches or pains, slept well that night, but the following night in bed, I woke up In agony, my lady had the paramedics out, they give me a going over and recommended rest. the pain got better, but ive always had a twinge in my rib cage, I just put it down to my age, but these last 3 days, I get some cracking pain shots, and im uncomfortable in bed, ive done some googling, it looks and sounds like a floating rib, im wondering should I strap myself up, to near Christmas for the doctors, ive to much to do
  2. Two Bobcock dog pups looking for homes

    Said to myself, if summat decent comes along, I would snap it up, company for my pal, Penny, and that pup is decent, allways been a 2 man dog, but then again I have to face facts that im 73, is it fair to take on a pup at my age, and would the owner allow me the pup, but one thing for sure, the pup would get what it was born to do , and get work put in front of it, but its a bitch im after, im quite happy at the moment with my bitch, turned out better than I could have wished for, good luck in finding the right home, for the pup, im just off out now doing what we love
  3. Two Bobcock dog pups looking for homes

    Cracking pups, a credit to you, and hope they go to good working homes
  4. torch

    im after a decent hand held torch, summat that can be recharged, I sometimes like a late evening last walk with my dog. can you suggest one please thanks
  5. Getting fed up

    rabbits or no rabbits, come 1ish tomorrow we shall be off out, I will keep my dog amused with summat, its just nice to be out in the fields where we belong
  6. Getting fed up

    Same for me to lads, day after day, week after week, month after month im out with my dog, in fact ive not long been in, and where once I could guarantee a bunny or 2 , theres nowt doing, to say im pissed off is an under statement, but its my dog I feel for, early 1950s ive been at it its in my blood, had some fantastic times, so has the day come , when all I can do is reflect back, I was considering another pup, mainly company for my existing do, but sadly I haven't the work to put in front of it
  7. A bit of cover

    that's a cracker of a dog, looks nice n steady, hope she does you proud
  8. panties

    when I click on buy sell or swap. its telling me, I can get 5 pair of panties for £28 , whats all that about, and whose panties are they
  9. Things Are Looking Up

    ive lost no permission, its just the fact that here the bunnies are well down, my bitch works hard in the field looking for stuff, and it saddens me when theres nowt for her to catch, and being thin on the ground, with the 1 dog, daytime rabbits aren't easy prey. that's why I toyed with letting her go to someone who could put plenty of work in front of her, but here she stays, did my head in losing Nell, couldn't envisage life without a working dog out in the fields, in fact if things pick up, I may get another dog, f**k my age, im fit and it would be company for penny,
  10. Things Are Looking Up

    Went visiting some of my permission today. not been on for a while, pleasantly surprised as the dog worked the hedgerows and flushed a few bunnies, last time I was their, there was bugger all. so that put a smile on my face, I was over the moon to put summat in front of the dog, that's important to me, so much so, I toyed with the idea of letting her go to someone who could give her the work she was born to do, but the bond between us now is fantastic, so here she stays, yesterday we walked through cattle, she never give em a second glance, hope the rest of you are having a good season, still thin on the ground here, but we enjoy being out in the fields n woodlands.
  11. Get Off My Land !

    fer fucks sake, that's nowt compared to what ive had to endure over the years out in the fields , eh id have put the lot of em on their backs, then gone round to ray BIRD, and give him a sound thrashing. I am just wellard
  12. Camera Probs

    sony a200, turn it on and the lens keeps zooming in and out. cant get nothing up on the screen, any ideas lads
  13. Out Local

    left the car at home this afternoon and set off to some fields and woodlands about a 20 mins walk, enjoyed a good mooch with the dog, I normally do in the car about a 40 mile round trip to my permissions, never expect out locally, anyways we was on our way home and it started pissing down, so decided to take a short cut across a large field, farmers a miserable owd git, if he sees you out he comes, but today I was lucky, in the distance I spotted a couple of bunnies sat out just a few yards from the fencing, do spotted em to, so off she went, when up came a couple of squatters, they must have heard me coming, and got their heads down, the dog was right up the arse of one of em, and smashed into the ranch wire, I coldnt see properly, as the rain was fair belting it down, and running into my eyes, by the time I got there, she not only had the bunny in her mouth, but also a strand of the ranch wire, ive had nowt for a while, and that catch today,plus a magpie, im over the moon, in the fact ive put work in front of my dog
  14. Never Thought The Day Would Come

    cant do the travelling lads,my lady aged 72 isn't as fit as me, practically housebound, as said before, I do the lot here , y7ou name it, I do it, and pleased do do so, im up early, get stuff done, then come 1 ish were off out, I will always keep my dog happy 1 way or another, and my ferrets , cant grumble, ive had some fantastic times out in the fields over the years, I haven't done yet
  15. Great Grandson

    cool dude, or what