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  1. Bloody Dogs

    It always seems to be the way. You get them to just where you want them and something happens. My dog was doing well and came back to me the other day with a massive knock. Hope they make a full recovery!
  2. A few outings with the pup

    Looks just the job for lamping and ferreting. Atb
  3. Trying to work things out

    I would definitely have a look at some of the dogs that Newkid has mentioned from Haymins litter. I have seen a few of them and they seem to be just the job. Newkid’s bitch has wind and speed......I’m sure some of the dogs will have this too. ATB
  4. Mooch on Dartmoor

    He’s a cracker. I seen this litter grow from a couple of days old. Have seen a few grow into fine dogs. If the timing was right I would have certainly had one. How tall is he?
  5. Marking !

    That’s my type of ground for a good days walk out. Dog looks strong and Looks a perfect cross for those hills. Going to start doing a lot more of it and when I get more time I will head out with overnight kit and make a couple of days of it. You cant beat a solid mark. Either to ground or in cover.
  6. Mooch on Dartmoor

    I will give him a shout and we can get on the moors. Blue has been working well but had a bad knock on Saturday. He’s going to be out for a few weeks I reckon. Got the busher here so still need to get out.
  7. Mooch on Dartmoor

    Virge we need to get out again. We had a cracking day up the burrows that time. Haven’t seen Nige since he was a pup but heard good things!
  8. Cracking day let's make a curry!

    Between our little group we used to post a lot......work kind of gets in the way of things!
  9. Forest and hill hunting.

    A few but the dogs have to cover a lot of ground and get their nose down to find them
  10. Forest and hill hunting.

    They need to be hardy whatever the breed. I don’t hunt forest but hunted in the hills a lot as a kid and have started again the last year or so. As Wales1234 said...they have to cover ground as things rarely jump up in front of you. I don’t put tracking collars on my dogs. I like to keep them in sight as much as possible. Recall is key for me. I would say mine tend to range no more than a few hundred metres away. I’m normally high up and watch them work the low ground.
  11. Rabbit Curry

    Was good to catch up with you and Micky. Great day out and much needed. I think you will find my dig was 2 foot with a few tree roots chucked in!!
  12. Dog

    Take it you will be looking to put something across your bull x in the future?
  13. Dog

    I would have been happy for a week too.
  14. Dog

    Ha forgot about that! After he stole a rabbit off my dog he sprinted back to his owner before my dog could nick it back!!
  15. Dog

    He’s a lump. Was out with him the other day. He’s got a cracking temperament and he’s going to shape up to be a good one. Going to be a big strong dog.