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  1. Cocker X Patterdale

    He’s got one on order from one of his mates. He’s going for a terrier.
  2. Cocker X Patterdale

    Sorry mate. Kev’s just booked any spare!!!!
  3. Cocker X Patterdale

    I don’t think you could put exact percentages on him. Lee Green off here bred him you could PM for exact info. Squab and squirrel off here have his litter sisters. They might know exact. He has various spaniels in him but mainly cocker. and bushing terries. Predominantly Lakeland/patt going back a while. I’m in Devon. Would need to chat more to see what you need and as I said he’s only coming up 2 so not keen at the moment. Would prefer another season under his belt and when I’m ready to keep a pup back.
  4. Cocker X Patterdale

    The owner and dog are now living abroad. He’s used more for beating etc. I have been out with him a few times last year.
  5. Cocker X Patterdale

    He has turned out well mate. There’s a few off here seen him work. He’s spot on with the bushing, ferrets well considering he’s only been a couple of times. Depends what you are looking for. He’s only young though. I would love to put him to a decent bushing terrier when the time is right as I would want a pup.
  6. Guess it will be 2 pups being kept back

    Nice strong looking dogs. Pups should be belters. ATB with them.
  7. Deerhound Greyhound Collie Greyhound

    That’s a nice looking bitch ferret333. Looks like she is doing a good job for you too.
  8. The green green grass of home

    Yeah not far off!
  9. The green green grass of home

    Yes mate he has the tail alright!
  10. Hopefully get a pup back

    Be nice strong dogs out of them. Hope she takes. Keep us updated. 👍
  11. The green green grass of home

    Cheers mate. We had a good trip. We can get up with your gang after the summer.
  12. The green green grass of home

    It’s 62 year. It’s ideal for up there and the kids love it
  13. The green green grass of home

    Only looks smart because my old man is a painter 👍
  14. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    No mate. I bought it years ago off an old guy who wanted rid. The local garage have done bits and my old man keeps it ticking over. Only really used to nip about and to get up the hills/lamping etc. It’s a work horse and I certainly wouldn’t call myself a land rover enthusiast! I put petrol in it and that’s about it
  15. The green green grass of home

    Not many speak Welsh now. The farmers and a few of the older folk. I’m pretty much a stranger up there now. Lots of people seemed to have moved to the area from across the border!! 😂