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  1. A fox has been helping himself to our Pheasant shoot during the day and is sighted by all n sundry when unarmed so me goes random times day n night to get him a lift to St Peters gate .Tonight arrived about 4.30pm ,its dark as can be thermal ,Photon ,best fox call ,mouse squeak e l and .308 loaded with Reynard sleeping pill ,1 part lead 1part copper.Moseys on down to the first gate and takes a pew. Well much scanning for half an hour and random calls ,no show.Next style <his haunt in the day>,parks my buttski and thermal scans whilst calling and "SBA " appears but whats this "arrgh" bloomin Munty, no shoot night time and nightvision .Next move to a track where the animals all use it as a zebra crossing and sit n wait s all over is leafes and brash so to walk is to sound like a big of crisps is tied to each boot. So i know there,s a den over in death valley <worst drive on the shoot>and slowly walk over and test the water well theres a few badgers about but he aint home .Make a slow crawl over to the plantation and there he is in the thermal ,no he bloomin isnt he stands up to show his munty suit . So after 4 hours ive got frosbite ,frustration and flat batteries but after a carp day at work i didnt care i,d been out under the stars and all was well
  2. Have a photon 5x42 ,extremed it now a 5x55 with a NM 800 ir on it ,wished i couldve got a Drone pro instead ..The Photon is ideal for bunnies n close up but long range is shown up by the Drone im afraid .The Ward is well popular but Clive seems a bit manyana with his dealings whereas the Drone has established itself imho
  3. Magpies.

    Well done that man ,2 years of beating got my perm and respecting all the farmers rules and helping on work parties has kept me there .You do it by the book and its obviously paying dividends ,here its pleeese remove all the crows as there,s mainly sheep and lambs here so i do as im told and he,s happy atb
  4. Help Needed

    Clarity on the xq38 range seems similar but the 38 gives a clearer /cleaner image only used my [BANNED TEXT],s twice [BANNED TEXT] i got mine and yes its worth the xtra dollars .But i aint got that much to spend on 1 <+the cost of the divorce >.Happy with what ive got ,would love better but that,s for the lottery win atb
  5. Black friday savings

    Just contemplating this myself a great price from good shop imho.Got my HW97 kt from them ,didnt wait for post just got my butt up the M1 and fetched it after trying it on their range .Nice set up and no pressure selling atb
  6. What have you done?!

    We get Machinery from China looking like that new ,they dont do cleaning out when tapping,drilling or any thing else tbh
  7. Hi fella 

    just bought xq50f off Ian how did you navigate the settings nightmare any help grateful 

    1. Baldcoot


      The Little wheel on the front press till the menu comes up coloured flag at the top press again and number 1 comes up ,thats first colour pallete .Dial thru 1 to 7 to find a colour u like .Then scroll down to area ,3 pictures town ,woodland and urban,mines on the tree <woodland>.

      scroll down again to the next number roll 1 to 7 for different versions of the pallet .

      IF you pause for a minute the menu goes away ,turning the wheel 1 way is contrast and the other is brightness from 1 to 20 on both which is ridiculous brite.

      Then its just experiment to get it to your eyesight and preference .Front focus is big and rear focus is small adjustments.If still stuck Ian seems a sound fella and could probably explain it better than me atb

    2. polishunter1
  8. Help needed

    sound advice Mac.a spare rifle is easier to live with then a "i wished i still had one ".Doesnt cost owt living in your safe and it,s just waiting for you to make more memory,s with atb
  9. And Mark,s drawings are ? only saying like
  10. Tried stinky pilchards and dog food but so far not done the trick,snares are a no-no i,m afraid part of the national forest scheme enough dog walkers to fill a football pitch .Even put rotting high pigeons out apart from the smell making me heave it fed the crows briefly Should be back out Friday see if he wants a .308 asprin to warm him up atb
  11. Spot on Mark "recon platoon kicks ass",Sunday night looking for Mr Reynard ,saw 7 bunnies ,24 Pheasants and 5 Badgers .The cheeky sods been seen 4 or 5 times on our shoot and im trying to find his/her den as the remains are annoying 7 bells out of the shoot members and me .I get the usual sightings ,horse riders ,land owner and kids but you turn up with a bang stick and he switches on his Klingon cloaking device
  12. Its ready for testing SI

    you have a disc with a small hole in to take out "whiteout " which will stop it working correctly but it is a pain in the nethers and far better at dark o clock using the full lens ,imho.And the billy bonus if you have a dedicated night rifle then surely u need a "dedicated" day rifle as well .
  13. Its ready for testing SI

    Theyre pure pooh in daylight Phil,got 1 on my BSA CF2 and finer at night but in daylight with that silly disc on not much cop at all atb
  14. Spa Pr900W Transfer Port

    Bargin PCP only 180 quid at Ray buys n Sells in Brummigum,says 650fps for the .177 and 550 fps for the .22 .The .22 has a 7 shot and the .177 9 shot magazine.Looks nice and i would imagine tuned they can hold their own ,the chinese are learning well just as the Japanese did with cars and bikes and we all know how that turned out.
  15. Help Needed

    Only got the XQ23 but its an amazing step up ,bunnies ,pigeons foxes seen [BANNED TEXT] they see me and at night a great game changer .Have used a friends xq38 and yes u can see the price difference but the 23 does all i need <max field width 150m>.Yes big animals Deer/Alpacas/sheep cows really stand out at distance but close up rats/bunnies do too.Pity your so far away V/M could have had a looksee atb