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  1. Wet / cold day

    3 hours in a L200 waiting for the farmer to get up,i share your pain ,"driving skills" top of the banter perhaps And 1 trained attack squizzer removed =result .
  2. First blood for the Pro Sport.

    You sure know what to do with a classic Mark and its great theyre being used daily not just stuck in a collection
  3. Freezing

    Well in V/M ,been layed up 2 weeks now torn my quad and hip so its always 5o deg,s for me.Absolutely peed off so reading you lots antics is keeping me sane .1 bunny is far better than the bloody winter olympics .Rich tarts holiday show.Is he a nice pasty or foodiuos smiling ferretus atb
  4. ruby fibre optic shogun bead

    To add to your wondering i have the green 1 and yes it works
  5. Raider and tin can ally

    No paper pigeons though Mark.Joking aside my favourite target practice spudicous die you bald rabbit impersonator
  6. Much needed...

    Got no choice at the minute atb
  7. Much needed...

    Stepped down off some steps with oil on my boots and my right leg went west 3ft but my left stayed put .It wasnt pleasant for this peasant non slip soles not
  8. Much needed...

    Well done Nath, im stuck at home with a torn ligament more frustrated than a frustrated thing so good to see someone out and about ,delivering the goods as usual
  9. Christened the new setup

    Well done that man
  10. Deer rifle recommends

    Yes ,having fired .357 and .44 back in the day i have to agree <not mine >still 180gr Fed shock in .308 is big enough for pigs n goats and thats as big as it gets here in the UK .Dont think you,d get AOLQ for Barrett lite .50 if you could afford 1 and the ammo
  11. Deer rifle recommends

    My bad ,thought it was a 45/70 ,a 30/30 not so big
  12. Deer rifle recommends

    You got Buffalo on your ticket Nath,,seriously though ive got .243 and .308 .The .243 for Roe muntys and fox and the .308 for Reds and theyre both easy reload and widely available atb
  13. Thrush hunting

    Just spat beer on my laptop ,,what an unfortunate name for a handy weapon
  14. Winchester subs

    Newbie to l/r hunting but out Sunday night colder than a witches tit and it had no effect on the winnie subs or cci i was trying tbh .It was alledgley -1 and i was zeroing a scope so used about 20 of each to try at different ranges atb
  15. Theoben Rapid 12 in .22

    He,s open to offers around £630 lads and he says its a MK11 and easily tweakable and still has the owners manual/paperwork atb