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  1. had a nice walk this morning

    haha i was looking for ages aswell and i thought i was blind
  2. had a nice walk this morning

    yeah there was a lot of frost this morning i love a frosty morning to
  3. had a nice walk this morning seen a few pigeons and a few pheasants but i couldn't get a good shot but it was a nice walk anyway
  4. First Rabbit For A While

    nice shooting
  5. 3D Night Vision

    it is the same as this
  6. 3D Night Vision

    Its its a person on Facebook Ill try and get some photos
  7. 3D Night Vision

    how much do people think a night vision 3d printing design is worth just there is one advertised
  8. Scope

    thanks i will set them tomorrow
  9. Scope

    22. accu pell
  10. Scope

    how many yards is best to set my air rifle scope im not the best at hold under thats why im asking .thanks
  11. Bitch Pup For Sale

    the pup is now sold
  12. Pheasants

    thanks for your reply i will enjoy shooting a few
  13. Pheasants

    can i shoot pheasants with my air rife or is it illegal in the uk (only asking as there is a lot on my permission)
  14. i'm advertising on behalf of my friend nice bitch pup for sale the sire is meant to be out of Nero which is a pure saluki dam is meant to be out of digger which is a saluki x whippet x greyhound 9 weeks old very chancy pup flea and wormed up to date pm for more info and number £250 or nearest offer county Durham area
  15. My Pup And Me Dads Pup

    black one is bull,collie,whippet,greyhound 14 month old black and white one is 1/2 greyhound 1/4 collie 1/4 mali 12 month old