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  1. wheaten greyhound

    Glad to hear that hope he keeps doing what hes breed for mate good luck for the rest of the season pal atb longers01
  2. wheaten greyhound

    Glad to hear that mate hope he turns out a good un for u pal his he doing them single or are you double him up with the bull whippet mate
  3. wheaten greyhound

    nice couple of hounds u have there harp especially that wheaten cross mate how old his it pal and what's it like work wise mate ATB longers01
  4. Nice looking dog mate how old his he pal atb longers01
  5. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    now then trunk hows that black and white dog of yours doing mate haven't got any recent videos of him doing what he breed for have u pal always liked him and hows that pup u breed coming along mate atb longers01
  6. wheaten greyhound

    Have u any pictures of them mate
  7. wheaten greyhound

    a lad from hull mate
  8. Few runs

    Dog looking well mate must b plenty of rabbits round your end because u always seem to get a decent bag pal atb longers01
  9. Couple pics of the dogs

    Now then mate that half cross dog is a picture pal if it works as good as it looks you won't go far wrong with that beast mate atb longers01
  10. wheaten greyhound

    Cheers mate so do I pal im running a pup on as well 3 8ths bull 9 16ths greyhound 1 16ths saluki only 15 week old so roll on next season what dogs u running at the minute mate atb longers01
  11. wheaten greyhound

    ok mate he 2 and half now didn't show him out seriously till he was 16 month old he doing OK haven't showed him as much as I would of liked to with work and family but he seems to be turning out into a decent hound he's quick for a big dog atb longers01
  12. Out Today

    ye not long left now mate ill give it a month then that will be me haven't done as much as id off liked with work and family but that's how it goes some times mate atb longers01
  13. Out Today

    ok shovel you and them young uns r putting some away this season mate good to see the young lad's r keen good luck for the rest of the season pal atb longers01
  14. wheaten greyhound

    cheers for the nice comments lads he's turning into a decent dog still a bit immature but hopefully he will settle down atb longers01
  15. wheaten greyhound

    here's a few more photos of my mutt Steve he's not a first x but he's got quite a bit of wheaten in him is mam was a 5/8ths bull greyhound to a straight wheaten dog and his dad was a first x wheaten greyhound I'm no good with the percentage lark atb longers01