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  1. Favourite TV shows and Films?

    No mate haven't seen the second one is it as good as the first film
  2. Favourite TV shows and Films?

    Mac Victor brilliant film once was warriors and man about a dog dont get bored of watching them
  3. Kong 8 months

    Looking well trunk if he takes after his father you won't go far wrong with him mate good luck in the future with him mate atb longers01
  4. Show us your Bull x

    Nice looking dog that how's it breed is it out of that litter shaddy breed atb longers01
  5. The national

    Dusty rug for me never been beaten
  6. my bitch for next season

    Now then mate nice looking dog uve got there hope she does you proud come September atb with her longers01
  7. Hopefully get a pup back

    Hope she took for u mate get some handy animals out of them 2 atb longers01
  8. Back in the game! 😎

    Glad to hear your back into the running dog game mate once uve done it it's in your blood and good luck with your new pup Pal atb longers01
  9. Eric Bristow Dead

    Is this right used to watch him when younger top player he was
  10. Show us your Bull x

    one of the old bitch she be 12 in December
  11. Show us your Bull x

    Lovely couple of dogs uve got there Brady's strong looking animals them mate
  12. Show us your Bull x

    3/8 bull 9/16 ths greyhound 1/16 ths saluki 5 month old in photo
  13. Show us your Bull x

    Glad to hear he coming good ginger beard
  14. Show us your Bull x

    Steve my Wheaton bull greyhound
  15. Next seasons runners

    This one will be ready for a look at a few bunny's by the time the corn is cut