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Levergun plinking.

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Thought I would up my small game load in my 30wcf today from 14.5gns of A2400 to 15gn.

Glad I did. Shoots a little tighter.

I shot three at concrete with a stone  set in it smaller than a rabbits head at 50yds. First shot hit it and the next two landed on that splash.

The previous load I felt was a touch erratic and it showed on similar targets as in more flyers.

Next I went to a ploughed field in a valley and plinked to 400 yards.


400 was pushing it but 200 & 300 was straight forward enough. No rabbit wants to be giving me rude gestures put it that way!

It was fun and confidence building, I wish I had brought a few full power ammo now just to compare.

For a 56year old rifle it certainly shoots good and is easy to carry all day. Its like shooting a BB gun off hand too.

Short video.


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10 minutes ago, David.evans said:

You get the mole SD , I’ve got the lead 👍

I mean for the price you both could get one lol. Think their made in Slovenia so the most expensive one is only like $120 I think. Head nothing but good things about the guys and he even runs custom groups buys on CastBoolits.com . Looking at getting the 311410 myself.








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