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6.5 creed or .270 rifle for stalking?

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I do love my 6.5CM

I’ve shot my mates creed but not sure I could face telling him I’ve got one after calling him gay for having a gaymore 😂 

The "6.5 Anything" seems to be fashionable at this moment, and probably with good cause. The 6.5 calibre bullet has proved itself a good and capable choice since 1891 and there are a lot of cartridge

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On 30/04/2022 at 19:34, FOXHUNTER said:

Or keep the .243 for stalking and get a .22/250 for foxing 👍

Or get a .204 for fox. Hard to beat as a fox round and will outperform anything in the .22 range.

On 02/05/2022 at 13:35, KimE said:

.270 is the new black as the US army choose it as their new caliber 6,8 with a case size similar to .308w.

Not quite true. The new round is more accuately .277 (Sig Fury) and has much higher pressures - 80,000 psi for military and I think 65,000 for civilian hunting tipped with a more normal 50,000psi for target solid rounds (from memory).

You're correct that outwardly, the case size is similar to .308 although the hunting and military cases are 3 piece and partially steel rather than just brass (brass couldn't take the elevated pressure).

For now the tipped hunting ammo is prohibitively expensive.

Theres a video of Sig Fury Here:


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Yes 277sig fury,  its expensive  now while Lake City are building a productionline for it after what SigSauer probably can get their ammo out to civilists.

It would work for me to neckdown .308w and neckdown and reload to 60000psi. But the action and barrel has to get profed for 80000*1,25. As for now most.270s are twisted for light bullets now you are going to get 160-175gr bullets suited for big game.

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