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Gun licence ownership public survey

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Thought this was best place to post this topic 

just seen article in local echo regarding the above an thought I don’t personally have a shotgun or firearm licence I found this sentence  alarming and worrying 

(Equally, I know many people who simply cannot understand why any form of gun ownership is necessary and so it is important that all these voices, all these opinions are heard.)

And we all  know the anti brigade bang their drums the loudest !

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The answer is simple.

You won't understand, you live in a city where everything is provided for you via dirty diesel trucks. Where vermin controllers turn up in their dirty diesel vans discreetly to poison your rats.

You, bless you won't understand the ways of the countryside.

Even the government recognises the need for firearms in the public domain. They must henceforth know more than you.

So don't worry about it and return to your people watching.


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BASC is circulating the survey currently to members and on social media.

I've filled it out. TBH like most Government surveys it's a bit canned. It's mutliple choice rather than letting you have a free say.

Still strongly advise everyone fills it out though just to stop the antis swinging the vote the opinion the wrong way. It's bascially around medical checks following the Plymouth incident.

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2 hours ago, terryd said:

Web survey powered by SurveyMonkey.com. Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates.


Thanks, doesn't cover Scotland though, might have lied a little there 🤭

But yeah a bit generic twenty question yes, no, don't know, can't see how it's of any use to be honest? 

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15 hours ago, Gav said:

Thanks, doesn't cover Scotland though, might have lied a little there 🤭

But yeah a bit generic twenty question yes, no, don't know, can't see how it's of any use to be honest? 

Probably just trying to gather the info they want to restrict gun ownership further. Hence the canned answers. Guess there's probably no issue with shooters who fill it out but I'm guessing plenty of antis will as well and petition for the most severe restrictions.

It's all ridiculous. You can't stop these incidents although arguably here signs were ignored. 

3 recent incidents bring home how you can stop someone determined, the Norwegian guy with a bow and the guy who stabbed the MP today with a knife. The French terror incdients with cars also illustrate this. If someone is determined there's always a way.


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London capital city of this septic Isle manages 3 stabbings a day average. 

As you say calls to ban knives mm pretty sure it's illegal to carry over 3" blade.

Time to go New York on there knife carrying ass ,metal detector on all public buildings and at railway and bus stations. 

Won't happen but how else can you stop them 🤔

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