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I was going to get some MK4 fenn traps to set for rats, but when Ive done a bit of research I can get the MK6 for 75 pence more. I know the mk4 is the recommended fen trap for rats , but is the mk 6 the better buy that would do the job for rats or will they be to big. 

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I don't like the puny Mk 4 on rats, mate. Too often stared into a tunnel to see one struggling in a 4. Mk 6 would take care of business.

Then again; If you're just targetting rats? Kness would likely save a bit of money and kill them just as dead.

Or, if you've a mind to tinker? Mr Waters provides us details of how to pimp a Victor and a milk bottle.


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8 hours ago, Stockpot said:

For less than three quid and half an hour of your time a fettled Victor trap is spot on.



You will never get a better kill  than  that mate so stick with them 👍. If i had to use a Fenn for Rats it would be the Mk4 because that is what it was made for but if you want the best set up for Rats you will not get anything better than these





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Mk6 fenn is to big for rats and you will either miss them all together or get a could catch. I use mk4’s and body grips and kill hundreds and hundreds of rats every year with them. 

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Mk6 are too big for rats. Yeah you’ll catch them but see how many times you just get their tail and the rats away or fired traps with nothing in them. Mk4 is perfect for them. 

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6 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

I’m using back cats more an more 👍

You catching many adult rats with 'em?  I only seem to get anything up to three parts grown, not had a real big old scaly tail yet.

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Just now, Stockpot said:

You catching many adult rats with 'em?  I only seem to get anything up to three parts grown, not had a real big old scaly tail yet.

Aye mate we have had a few, truth be told the dog kills most of them an then we use traps to mop up the odd one we miss so we not killing lots an lots of rats with traps, but just for pure ease an time I find a black cat In a tub is doin the Job👍 But when ever I think iv got a good One that avoiding me I do use the 55 in that wire cubby, I really like that, wish they were a bit more user friendly 😂

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