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Very nice and better to be shorter if the scope remains in it's normal position.  Not as good as a NiteSite Mitch but nevertheless nice 🤓 😂


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I just love bringing your favourite nv into the conversation Mitch. At least the 'niteshite' works in day or night unlike some others I can think of.  In truth I would like a 007 but the one I had for a couple of weeks had a rubbish fit to the scope even with the shims, I hoped the new 007 would have an improved system instead of having to go and buy a mounting unit in order to make it actually work properly.

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1 hour ago, villaman said:

Nite shite you mean Phil 😂

Are the niteshites not too good then vm?😁 Most add ons are too far back for me, can’t get on with ‘em. Grandma used to say I’d got a long neck, so maybe it’s that? 😂 I prefer a dedicated night time set up but that means another gun. Oh well😀

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Me want. Unfortunately optics warehouse sell them, which means theirs a fiar chance I'll abuse my credit to get one rollseyes emoticon follows hahaha 

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On 07/05/2021 at 08:04, LuckOrJudgement said:

My scope has to be re-zeroed when I put the Nite Site on it.

And then re-zeroed again when I remove it.

Otherwise, its ok for ratting at 20 yards.

But the different zeros are a pain in the ass. 

That’s why I prefer a dedicated night set up. Although some of the new day and night sights look good if you’ve got deep enough pockets, but there lies the rub😬

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Imo you can’t go wrong with pards 

I do have a dedicated pulsar N870 lrf which is absolutely brilliant . Mate had two photons , older one and the newer  one , both shit not my words but his 😁

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I borrowed a pard 007 and couldn’t get on with it, I like to be able to hold my rifle properly. Each to their own, my pal likes it so that’s what matters to him. Everybody’s different 😀👍

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I don't  mind heads-up nv, but it only really serves you well with a mildot reticle and when shooting from a comfortable static vantage point with known ranges for your kill zones - otherwise its pretty shitesite. I do have to say I can be very accurate with my viper in this situation, but walked-up stalking is a non starter for me.

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