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40 minutes ago, Ken's Deputy said:

Badgers?! 🤣 I wouldn't expend my batteries on them, Dan!

Allow me to up the game a little :D

Not bad but..... Upping the game.,thought you had a big cat in pursuit 🙀😉



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@ands I think the Iki's have finally bedded in, mate  👍Got up to find fourteen clips, today. That's more like it. And they spanned, basically, from me putting the camera out through till this morning.



You can have no idea how close I came to putting this cam against the wall though! :icon_eek:


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Realistically? A fukking shit ton! 😂 But, I'm perfectly certain @ands and others leave me in their dust.

My cam was round about a ton. That's still the ball park for todays gear. By all means though, spend £300+ on a Browning :icon_eek:

Charger? £40.00. Batteries? Shit! I honestly can't remember now! Not cheap. But, I could have paid a lot more. Mine are Ikea rechargeables and a fair bit less than the 'Best batteries money can buy'.  Ands recommended them. In Ands we trust.

Oh! And he recently suggested the Mini Acorn is the way to go, today. Reassuringly expensive! (£140 -160?) I was just wondering about the mobile viewing screen myself. I don't need that. I just go out the gate and bring mine in. Plug it into this computer.

You're really addressing the monkey here, mate. I'm only regurgitating what the Main Man's telling me, quite openly in other threads.

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