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Goodnature traps

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I've got one, tried it a couple of times with no success.

Read somewhere (maybe on this site??!) someone swapped the lure holder (black dome cap above orange fitting) for a glass jar filled with peanuts. Apparently this makes it a useful, if expensive device.

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I've heard the odd good report about them, but mostly negative, even when it comes to rats. Its not exactly versatile. The animal has to feed from the trap to meet its demise. Yes it obviously works, but I wonder how many visits results in a click on the counter

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8 hours ago, LuckOrJudgement said:

 If the guy already has, or is sold on Good Nature and wants to pay you to change the co2 once a week, then could be an easy gig?

But if the job is miles away, youd be wanting to get a good hourly rate.

What size is the land he wants cleared?

Not sure of the size of land, but knowing where he is, it would be forestry. He’s just starting to plant out with some new trees. It’s work based as it’s the companies land but just too far. He’d probably change any co2 as he’s there regularly 

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Very mixed reports about GoodNature and squirrels. When they were first in the pipeline as a design, youcould be forgiven for thinking that they would spell the death knell for Grey populations in the UK, but there's not been any fanfare for that, but that could be down to limited uptake due to cost.

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I tried one for rats and put a trailcam on it. They seemed to like the bait but were able to duck the bolt and were then wary of it. I gave it up as a bad job in the end. The youtube vids show it working great, maybe my rats are just ninjas 

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