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Not really the weather for it.

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Well last night was a nightmare .I’m putting it down to being tired but missed two foxes that should of been brown bread .First admittedly was on the move walking towards me ,very close before I saw it in thermal .Second fox was the luckiest fox alive I’m telling ya .I found a fresh chicken kill out in the run area .I probably disturbed the fox as I drove in ,much like the other night same shed .

I decided on a wait and eventually true to form in comes a cautious fox .The fence on this shed was cracking a good un  in the moisture filled atmosphere .He avoided that corner and went round the shed unsighted for several minutes to appear at the far left corner but behind  the electric netting .I could see it plainly in the pard but as the netting was doubled at this point I decided against threading a bullet through .It wandered up the netting at a fast pace from there with me struggling to get on it with quad sticks fouling in the long grass beneath me .

Behind the run there is the remains of a strip of sunflowers ,enhancement for the chickens and the fox spotted something in there unseen by the thermal .A squeal and it was off running the other side the strip ,last I saw  of it was about two hundred yards when it stopped very briefly on the ploughed ground to get a better grip on whatever it had caught ,probably a rabbit by the squeal .Pulled the trigger as it stopped but missed to the right with me cussing the long grass .Only serves to make the successes sweeter though .

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No it don’t , lol 😂  good shooting Dave and a nice write up  atb 

Nice write up . And a good result. 👍 It would be a lot easier if I could just give you a like though instead of having to type this lot out .😠

Well last night was a nightmare .I’m putting it down to being tired but missed two foxes that should of been brown bread .First admittedly was on the move walking towards me ,very close before I saw i

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A few years ago i could have said the same about Notts,but there now showing all over my area unfortunately my wooded shoot owner doesn't want them shooting and the rest of my land is open farm land, got a shooting Permit for N Trust but again only farmland no deer shooting, Boar will be next as they works there way up north. 

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On 03/12/2020 at 14:32, walshie said:

. He lit it up, I took the shot and it went down, but then got up running in circles, despite the heart/lung shot. I put another in it, but instead  of being lights out, it sat up staring at us, requiring another. I had similar to this December time last year. Ii wonder if in the mating season they are so pumped up on hormones they become robofoxes?

Hormones:  yep I've seen that. Sometimes had them run and thought that I'd missed.  Me miss.? Next morning the dogs found out in the next field. I've  even seen them run with ALL of their body contents dragging along the ground.  once I shoot a rabbit with an air rifle.  The pellet hit it in the bib and it exited out in the small of the back hitting the ground behind.  The rabbit took off at the speed of light right across the field 150 paces. Under a gate,  Across an ash track through a wire fence and dissapeared into the corn.  I knew it had been hit hard and knew where it had dissapeared. I put the dog into the corn by the post where it had gone into the corn.  The dog picked the rabbit within a yard. On paunching the liver was all mushed and all of its blood was in the body cavity. I'm sure that this running distance was caused by hormone pump up.


Shortly after that, my lightforce blew either a bulb or the wiring - I'll have to check later, so we were stuck with the cordless lamp with much less range, but at least we didn't have to go home.

.......... One night when two up on a quad we were using a big handheld lamp.  We were sitting on the cable.  Somehow the cable shorted out and the whole lot went red hot immediately. !!!  It aint much fun sitting on a red hot wire melting through the plastic leggings, the jeans and the thigh.   You've never seèn a quad stop as quick and two blokes get off jumping about.    The cable was F'd and we had to run to base and recable it because we didn't have a lamp available.  An hour lost but we did get back out again. .......

Still beats Eastenders though. 


On 03/12/2020 at 18:50, hambone said:

Was that with ballistic tips? I have had similar using softpoints as they sometimes just go through without doing enough damage.

I had pass through when the velocity wasn't high enough to make the bullet set up on soft tissue.

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