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I  like using them on Fences  because its hard for me to tie Knots not only are they quick to set and pick up they will also close the Run down if that is needed , one place I go for the odd Rabbit their are a lot of Hares and that gate where the Feeder is I was always pulling them up so I gave it best in that spot 




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This is one I caught under that  Gateway  as I said they were a nuisance on this place and if they were alive I let them go but you have to wait with them because the go into shock and they need a few minutes to come out but if you leave them to it the Buzzards will do them 


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In  Sandy or Peat Soils a Rabbit can loosen or  uproot  a Peg by Spinning round it  but if it is on a Hoop it cannot do that plus the Rabbit or Hare will expire very quickly


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Some use a double Hitch and just leave it at that  but I twist them tight then use tape , years ago there was a lad on here who made an EYE out of thinner gage Wire that slid up the leg and held the Wire like an ordinary Wire Tealer  I thought it was a good idea but others did not .


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Welcome back on the forum, This site now seems a shadow of its former self but hopefully you and others will return to make it great again.

I dont get many rabbits down my way anymore because the disease has killed em all off. Conservation status red lol. So I enjoy seeing lads getting out on em.


I just watched an old vhs video with yourself and Snareman LEARNING THE GAME just yesterday! And here you are posting again.


Hope you stick around and find time to post up some stuff



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