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Bolting bitch

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13 minutes ago, howdeeposxxt said:

A good terrier in most eyes will hold his ground no matter what and will have to take what's coming to him if he is to hold his quarry for his master until he get to him no matter it be 10min or 10 hours, so baying alone won't work as macho as it sounds it's what should be expected in a terrier it's what there bred to do. I never owned a bolter so I can only assume that a bolter lacks that ability and heart but can be blessing in disguise for guys who work rock. I'd hope terriers are bred to stay till dug to and not to bolt as this surely is a no no.

I agree with that. I’ve seen a litter of 3 bred out of 2 steady terriers that wouldn’t stay. The pups won’t go never mind stay. The dogs might be useful but they’re definitely not breeding stock 

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Not sure if its what your looking for and not sure if there will be one available but my Lakeland is due pups the first week of March

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