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Pigeons on sundays

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10 minutes ago, sam r said:

Can’t see why not may have been socially unacceptable at one time 

Surely if allowing permission.  It would not be a problem.. but reading up on it  there is different rules for different rules for n.ireland..

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2 hours ago, bobajob said:

Out of curiosity is it legal to shoot pigeons on a Sunday??? 

Yea just not pheasant patridge grouse and hare 

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You can’t shoot any game birds on Sunday’s or hares, in some parts of the country you are also not allowed to shoot wildfowl on Sunday, but this is a really old law and only affects certain areas, anything else, fill your boots as long as it’s carried out in line with the general license 👍

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Sunday and Christmas Day Shooting

England and Wales

No game may be killed or taken in any county on Sunday or Christmas Day. Game for the purposes of this section means pheasant, partridge, red grouse, black grouse and hare.

Orders prohibiting the shooting of wildfowl on Sundays made under sections 2 and 13 of the Protection of Birds Act 1954 still in existence are in the following counties (or parts of counties in existence before the 1974 local authority re-organisation): Anglesey, Brecknock, Caernarvon, Carmarthen, Cardigan, Cornwall, Denbigh, Devon, Doncaster, Glamorgan, Great Yarmouth County Borough, Isle of Ely, Leeds County Borough, Merioneth, Norfolk, Pembroke, Somerset, North and West Ridings of Yorkshire.


There are no statutory restrictions on the killing of game on Sunday or Christmas Day but it is not customary to do so. The wildfowl species listed may not be shot on Sunday or Christmas Day.

Northern Ireland

It is an offence to kill any wild bird, gamebird or hare on a Sunday. Although there is no restriction on killing any wild bird, gamebird or hare on Christmas Day, provided it does not fall on a Sunday, it is not customary to do so. There is no prohibition on shooting deer on any day during the open season.

Isle of Man

The killing or taking of game is not permitted on Sunday. There are no restrictions on shooting on Christmas Day unless it falls on a Sunday.


Shooting is not permitted on Sunday or Christmas Day.


The use of a firearm to kill any wild bird or animal is not permitted on Sunday, Good Friday and Christmas Day unless acting under and in accordance with the terms or conditions of a licence.

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