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Stud cocker black

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My bitch will be coming on heat in August some time and I'm thinking of letting her have a litter 

she's a great working dog and is 4 years old I'm looking for a black cocker as she is jet black 

she's no papers and this isn't done for money I'm not interested in that just feel like it's the right thing to do 

what's out there 

atb Dave 


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Nice looking bitch dave, if you do find the right dog and line her id be very interested in buying a pup, i know itl be a long way off but iv been thinking of getting a cocker pup for a good while so keep me in mind if you will mate, good luck

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Depending on what you are really looking for Kiltonbeck Rollo might be a good option but he is in North Yorkshire.

Belter of a dog and taking my bitch to him back end of this year hopefully and he won the cocker championship in January he is the real deal

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I think you honestly have to consider her working ability. Surprised no one has even mentioned it yet. 


Is she working to a standard that exceed a lot of other dogs of her breed?

does she have any faults?

what will she contribute to the breed that you couldn’t find from buying a pup? 


Don't take offence mate, it’s a serious consideration. 

Almost everyone with a “working dog” will tell you it’s a great worker but it’s not always the case. 


On top of that breeding isn’t without its risks. 


Bitches losing pups, losing the bitch, complications, emergency Caesarians all happen and I personally know lads who’ve had the above. It soon turns the romance of a litter into a nightmare. 


I honestly think the vast majority of people would be better off just buying a pup in. 

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