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Any new birds this season

George h 87

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1 hour ago, Elchapo said:

Cheers , like I say haven’t realy looked in to them much , 


so say say for instance you can’t get phone signal will the telemetry still work ? 

Yes the telemetry and real time GPS will still work and it will give you the last known co ordinates also, when it gets a signal it will text you its co ordinates. If you lose signal in real time just follow the arrow to its last destination then you will usually pick up the signal when you get there. I would say its the best system on the market to actually find your bird and quickly. It tells you in real time if the bird is flying or sitting, altitude, speed and direction.

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Big girl on her 4th crow tonight out the hood 

Anybody getting a new bird for this season ive not long got new female gos buteoides bred by jorg freye shes 6 year old cant wait to pull her 

Just picked up a Pere Gyr Saker fancied a change.  

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On 03/09/2019 at 18:54, Moorman 1 said:

Cheers !

This new microsensory system is a game changer.  Had one day before yesterday a straight 600 metre flight and a kill. Today was a 3.5 mile track down, and that's how the crow flies.






Kill15 Track 3.52 miles.jpg



3.5miles?! Is that normal in falconry? I dint like it when my dog/ferret is out of sight never mind 3.5miles away!!!!

I love BOP and really want to get into it one day but no where near enough time at the minute, focusing on my running dog and ferrets for the next XNo years. I think I will have one some day though. Stunning creatures.

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With pursuit hawking thats the way it goes sometimes. Now and then the bird will chase its quarry over a hill and it will put into cover, it will then see another crow and give chase and go even further etc etc. Not always ideal but all part of it, the variables that can and do happen especially with high wind. As they say its a chance that you take. Other times it all happens right in front of you and you see the whole flight unfold ending in a cigar :big_boss:

It can be very rewarding when it all comes together.

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They will pick one out of a huge flock and kill it, the others will mob them while the caught one is alive but once its dead they will leave it alone.

They are a good deterrent for corvid thats why they are used on land fill sites and runways for bird clearance work. 

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15 minutes ago, mush said:

Moorman 1 do you ever have trouble with trespassing when recovering a bird.? 

Trespassing is a civil law and would never end in a conviction. There is also an old law which still stands that you are allowed to enter private land etc to retrieve your hawk. If it has killed a gamebird on a shoot your are to take your hawk but leave the gamebird on the land. I usually ask the owner if I can quickly locate them, if not I just pop in and retrieve her. Believe it or not I have acquired a lot of permission through being caught picking up a hawk or falcon, if you were caught on there with a lurcher or terrier you would no doubt be classed as a deer poacher or a badger digger!

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