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Ok, I'm thinking about investing in a new FAC Multishot .22 PCP. To run circa 25-30ft lb.

I'm after an accurate, reliable, workhorse, this is a working  tool, not an ornament.

Not really looked at them for a long while, suggestions please...oh yes, as economical as possible without compromise of effectiveness/quality!


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As I am sure you are aware Deker, I am an FX super fan so my first suggestion would be an FX and it is worth looking for a Royale 400 which don't carry such a high price and certainly very accurate, Ianb on here has one and loves it.

As Si has already said the Rapid rifles in fac are superb and again pin accurate with AA Field Heavy pellets. I had one, a tad heavy for me but a cracking gun with a strong following.

One thing is for sure, you will pay more for an fac air rifle than for most .22lr rifles even new ones are often cheaper.


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I have a s510 .22 fac a very reliable and accurate rifle using jsb exact 18 grain .

only thing is there very long , like a musket , shot count not great either I fill mine to 190 bar and when the gauge gets to just under 150 I refill and get about 30 proper accurate shots , also I don't bother with the power adjuster .


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