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  1. shergar

    NEW FAC Air

    I have a s510 .22 fac a very reliable and accurate rifle using jsb exact 18 grain . only thing is there very long , like a musket , shot count not great either I fill mine to 190 bar and when the gauge gets to just under 150 I refill and get about 30 proper accurate shots , also I don't bother with the power adjuster .
  2. have contacted tom too but he dosent have the one I need in stock either , will just have to be patent until a new batch get made. I might just think sod it and send it to get tuned
  3. unfortunately no one has the type I need in stock so will probably will have to wait for their cnc machinist to make a new batch . air tech do a hardened chrome steel one but there quite expensive ( may have to bite the bullet ) cheers for advice
  4. shergar

    Good news FX impact

    nice what ammo you using? I fancy one too in 700mm slug barrel like the guys down in south Africa use but will have to sell a kidney first to pay for it
  5. hi all I'm after a stainless pellet probe fo my bsa scorpion .177 as mine has been back to bsa for a new one as the nickel plating just peeled off and the its done it again thats two probes on the space of 12 months. had a look on xtx air website but does not have any .177 right hand in stock so was just asking if there is any where else I can get one from or just wait till xtx gets them back in ? don't really understand why bsa use nickel plated probes as there rubbish and I bet stainless ones wouldn't cost that much more to produce . don't know if any one else on here is on the bsaog forum , I tried to register but failed at the last hurdle when trying to get past the mystery letters thing even my tech savvy 15 year daughter couldn't get past it so I gave up . many thanks
  6. shergar

    Fx Wildcat

    Do fancy one though , in .177 just to cheese him off
  7. shergar

    Being Paid For Pest Control

    Maybe just ask for a crate of beer or a bottle of single malt , like I said I'm not bothered about the money just think he wants some way of saying thanks
  8. hi everyone been shooting over what I call one of my posh garden permissions for just over a year now controlling rabbits and the owner said he wants to pay me for it as he says I've done a really good job of keeping numbers down , I told him wasn't really that bothered and enjoyed the sport and getting a few bunnies for the pot but he has insisted he pays me and has asked how much I want but don't have a clue what to ask , should I charge for my time or how many rabbits I shoot , what do you guys think ? cheers
  9. shergar

    Air Arms S510 Silencer Problem

    Try the air arms 585 moderator easy get one hole groups at 50 yrds . Funny that bisley Magnums Don´t group with mine the 18 grain jsb's work great the 15 grain are ok but groups open up past 60 yrds
  10. shergar

    Air Arms S510 Silencer Problem

    as the q-tec moderator is calibre specific and attaches to the shroud not the barrel there could be problems with alignment , if the barrel and shroud are not properly aligned and with less clearance due to the smaller hole the pellets will clip the moderator which will explain why it won't group with the moderator on , on mine I use the 585 mod which I believe you can use up to .25 calibre I have no issues with my .22. have a look on you tube at air arms hunting south Africa there he tests the q-tec on his .22 ultimate rip-off FAC and in the comments he has had the same problem but solved it by re-aligning the barrel and shroud. personally I would ditch the q-tec and get the 585 you probably won't notice much difference and your quarry definitely won't tell at 50yrds . also what pellets are you using I find the jsb exact at 18 grain work really great
  11. shergar

    Air Arms S510 Silencer Problem

    Like rez says ditch the q-Tec , I use the air arms 585 moderator with mine with no issues and is very quiet.
  12. shergar

    Air Leak

    was the gun empty when you took it out , try cocking the gun first then fill .
  13. shergar

    Hw100 Aa S510

    easy flip a coin heads for the 100 and tails for the 100 the s510 is a excellent rifle and own one myself but like the lads say the 100 is the standard bearer and as you put it you get 2 mags and a moderator nuff said.
  14. shergar

    Manx New Kid

    Go tx 200 or hw 97 but go for .177 shoulder both to find what fits you best
  15. shergar

    Exact Heavy Diablo

    Think monsters are designed for fac rated guns. Not tried them yet I find the Jsb exact heavy at 18 grain work well for me in .22