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31 minutes ago, Lurcherman332 said:

Well after all the hard work and challenges training it’s finally paid off took my pup out today ferreting, nice cold morning bit of frost lack of rabbits have made it hard to get the dog around any rabbits but this morning I got her on a nice little warren 6 holes and bolted 2 in the nets dog covered the nets nicely so I thought I’d leave a net off and if one bolted she could run it and I sat her down and within a few moments could hear bumping the dogs ears were pinned up and just as that rabbit bolted the dog was there and snapped it up straight out the hole brought it back live and released it on command! First catch for her one of many I hope absolutely chuffed to bits couldn’t of asked for a better morning or better result. 

Cracking result 👍

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Should be the first of many good going.

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