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Ferreting knife

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1 hour ago, jok said:

SamR. You have a lovely thing there pal. Did you get the detachable one with different blades? It looks like mine .



No mate its a fixed blade. Yours looks a belta though. Do you use all 3 blades often?

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Yes pal. Each blade is very sharp and extremely functional. Handy for any game but particularly deer. You may have noticed that is a Buck sheath as the original Boker was a cavass thing and didn't stand the test of time. Jok.

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Despite being decent steel, opinel are not good field knives imho. 

The wood swells and binds up on the blade and after a bit of use the blade loosens up and the locking collar with it which means the tip can just drop out of the handle in your pocket and get you when you reach in to get it (and I've been bitten by one a couple of times before I stopped using them) 


All you need for bunny gutting is a sharp tip, for me, if you want a proper knife rather than a craft / Stanley type then look for something with a decent clip or drop point so you can puncture cleanly. 


If it's going to be a dedicated gutting knife for bunnies then it's also worth dulling the blade with the exception of the 1/2" at the tip then you can safely choke down the blade to avoid cutting through or puncturing the guts

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i think he means halfway down the handle take a groove out so when no if the wooden handle swells you can still get your nail into the blade to pull it out to open it . the varnish on the handle dont last long and it must be cheap softwood  as they dont last long ill they start to swell 

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