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Gun cleaning bench / station

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Just curious as to what you use when working on gun.

i have been looking on Internet seen items like     https://www.sportingkit.co.uk/wa/1/63/6960-MTM-Gun-Cleaning-Vice.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz8isrr333gIV7gDTCh0KhAeQEAQYASABEgIqAvD_BwE

but don't think they are worth the cost, also seen homemade items which look good so just curious what others use.

I should say that when cleaning my shot guns I tend to lay bits on an old piece of camping mat foam so as not to damage them.


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The vices are good for what they are, but shotguns I clean in bits on the table and rifles I use the bipod. 

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Lucky enough to win 1 in S/D,s draw and they are very handy but as you say wouldnt have spent nearly 60 quid on it .Yes its a great help but its a tool box with a v notch in it so once again the "shooting premium " applies and a 15 quid plastic tool box is now knocking 60 quid :censored:

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On ‎28‎/‎11‎/‎2018 at 19:26, walshie said:

The vices are good for what they are, but shotguns I clean in bits on the table and rifles I use the bipod

Don't use any vices but exactly as you with shotguns and rifles on Bipod! :thumbs:

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Dry the gun first indoors, not on 'the radiator' just in the dry broken open or bolt open and leaning on the wall usually overnight.

Shotguns I do 'freehand' i.e. Break down into 3 'bits' patch the barrels twice to clear the gunge. then spray in solvent leave it for 5 mins 

then wire brush, then mop, then patch again to clear & dry. Then 3 in 1 oil lightly sprayed down both tubes.

Rifles I only bore clean after 50+ rounds (150+ rimfire), but if the gun is wet when coming home I do the above & make sure no moisture

is still around, I always take the moderator off and let that dry out separately.

Bore clean gets the full monty, bipod on, I always use bore guides in place of the bolts, and clean from the chamber end, bore cleaner on a phosphor

bronze brush, then 4x2 patches, then lightly oiled patch to seal.

I've used the above regime for over 40 years, it works for me, not saying my way is best but never had any problems.

I have a vice, and it does what you'd expect, but on a bipod & outside dumping the patches etc on the patio is easier.



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Got mates who have all sorts of fancy kit but for my stuff I had a big (talking big) sturdy wooden desk which was great. I got one from an old second hand shop which I think was probably for a bank or similar. I then shaved a bit of a semicircle in the middle off so I could get closer in, and drilled in a vice for if I needed to give something lots of attention. worked wonders cost next to nothing!

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I use a big office table

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