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Pigeon rotary

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1 hour ago, Stavross said:

Your not wrong, they have all moved off the rape now, I’ve been seeing them on the grass fields already 

The numbers do seem to be out there at the mo. I missed a good day on the pigeons the other week, had other things to get done but it seems it was a bumper day. Seen a lot of flocks around me getting on the drillings. Mate text me the other day to say hes got loads on his grass feeding on the clover. Quite surprised really with how mild it's been and how much natural food there is about.

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We are getting large flocks on both the edges of rape field but loads on grass after clover but very very difficult to decoy / shoot as they fly together 200 birds land, 200 birds take off. One shot and they are in the next county, waste of time. peas in next month however so fingers crossed.


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I’ve never had any luck shooting pigeons on grass, they are still dropping in on the edges of the rape but it’s getting deep now,  I think I’m going to have a go roost shooting tomorrow night up at the pheasant shoot, I’ve got two rape fields that surround a wood, I was there at first light this morning and the amount of birds was nuts, the rape is in flower now and deep enough to sit in the tracks 👍



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This is on the top of the North Yorkshire moors, it’s only come into flower in the last week, down off the hills it’s still only about 18” deep with no flower, this picture gives you an idea of how deep it is, they are two fallow deer in one of the tracks


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We just have the fallow up here in the forestry and there’s a lot of them, I seen 12 in two fields this morning, there’s a couple of big bucks that are almost black in colour, I can take them if I want one but for all the effort that goes into it after you have shot it, unless I’ve got someone willing to butcher it for me I’d rather just watch them, they are a very big animal, a roe is much easier to deal with

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