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Hi its been a long time since I was last on here , but I am after a lurcher  pup ,its has to be a Blue merle bitch pup , collie greyhound  would not mind a little bit of bull in it , not a lot ,if your hoping to be breeding soon, please let me know , many thanks John

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There is some in countryman’s weekly this week ready soon 

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    • By Lowski
      I’ve recently found out what breeding my pup has come from further back the lines and grandsire was Typp Ratchers Arri. 
      Looking for more info on him, and hopefully wanna get some of his stuff to read from Countryman’s weekly or any thing else he wrote.! Cheers 😁🤙🏼
    • By TomUridge
      Hi all I am a new member to this site and hope I’m doing it right. Apologies if I come across as an ameteur, I am, so any advice is much appreciated. I will try my best to provide the correct information required to get the best response. 
      I have a Lurcher, just over a year old, she is a whippet English bull terrier x collie greyhound. She is a brilliant pup, well behaved, good recall, most of the time and has serious prey drive despite her size. She chases everything that moves out on daytime walks, deer, rabbits, squirrels,  hares, you name it she’s on it. Despite her desire to chase she is yet to return with any animal, dead or alive. Sometimes I watch her and she’s so far up the creatures ass I get so excited and think this is it, she’s going to launch at it and finish the job off BUT I am always let down. She seems to love the chase but never makes the lunge!! What can I do to promote this, do I wait and be patient, will it come in time? She obviously doesn’t associate a running rabbit to a dead bleeding tasty treat? I want her to catch a daytime rabbit before I go out at night and train her on the lamp, is this a good idea or am I doing it the wrong way round? 
      This is my first dog and I am obviously very inexperienced in this field but am willing to learn and want to follow it up coz I clearly have an intelligent dog who is keen to do the job but just doesn’t know how? I am always told what an amazingly well behaved dog she is despite her age so am doing something right. I live in Oxfordshire and have been trying to find someone to go out with lamping but to no avail, if anyone would be willing to help out in this department also that would be greatly appreciated. 
      Many thanks guys
    • By Lowski
      Hey.! I’ve got a collie cross parents stand 24-25, pups 6 months old and standing 24. What do you think he’ll make fully grown. 26.?
      Mix is  7/16 collie 9/16 greyhound 
    • By Logan12345678
      anyone got a pciture of a collie greyhound i can see please
    • By Logan12345678
      Hi i am wondering if anyone has a whippet x collie i can see i pic of or something like a smooth coat beddy whippet