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13 hours ago, forest of dean redneck said:

No I thought about getting one 😂Or  a terrier x beagle .

Not sure about a terrier x but apart from a bit of bushing my beagles not really good for much else 😂. Won’t mark a hole, even when I’ve watched him bolt and follow the bunny back, he’ll sniff down the hole for about 5 seconds before buggering off onto something else. Oh and loud as fcuk too, when he sounds off everything within a 2 mile radius knows we are coming. I won’t be rushing out to get another when he croaks it. The wife and kids love the little bugger tho🙄😂

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    • By Forest Queen
      Help Required as to ancestry /history of my saluki /Greyhound. 
      I have just lost my dog of a lifetime to cancer, she was 11/12 yrs old.I am truly heartbroken. 
      I'm not a hunter,but have always loved sight hounds in particular salukis.
      My dog Fern was a very distinguishable sighthound ,her colouring alone a mutated dilute. Was quite a show stopper. I'd have people literally stopping cars to ask what she was as she held herself well and looked awesome. 
      She was Steel and tan with a white butterfly on chest. White tips on feet. 
      Fur like velvet and shone.
      A glamourous looking dog.
      She passed through I believe 5 lurcher men before coming to me age around 4 yrs. 
      I had her 8 yrs. 
      I have  sketchy details of her young life and know she was initially used as a racing dog and then a lampers dog. Until she hurt her spine and broke a toe.  
      Fern was born around 2009,lived in North East England (Northumberland).
      I believe she had two litters of puppies (do you have one?)
      Lived Winlaton, Mickley,Prudhoe , Ryton, Greenside, Horsley.
      I believe her father (sire) may of being khan jihad. 
      I believe her mother (dam) was a steel greyhound and was a Irish coursing champion.  
      Does anyone know who that might be?
      Who bred Fern?
      Does her heritage fit time scale wise?
      I would dearly love to know as I said, totally in bits at her loss. 
      I just want to try and recreate her or seek out someone who might be able too from same lineage. 
      Whilst I'm not a hunter, I turned Fern from huntress to helper in that I used her skills and abilities to bring deer out to me to photograph, as I'm a professional photographer. We were quite a team. 
      I just loved everything about that girl.
      Thanks for any help received.

    • By IanIan452
      Got a 7 month old Saluki cross on 6 week min cage rest anyone selling a mag box ? 
    • By Logan12345678
      show me some of your bull x dogs as i am after a bull whippet greyhound but would like to see some other great workers 
    • By JoshWalter
      my new bitch lady 9 weeks old,

    • By Squiffy
      Anyone have any tips on getting a fussy lurcher to eat well?
      She loves tinned food but does really badly on it- and I hate giving her tins!
      She hates dried food
      We give her mainly RMB diet which suits her when she eats enough. Somedays she likes certain things and sometimes she doesnt. She loves offal but is it a bit rich to give her too much? I think so.
      She seems to prefer eating when my husband comes home
      We have a plentiful supply of good meat as we are butchers- just got a fussy dog!
      All help welcome- thanks
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