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Yokel Matt

Starting the November Roe

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Had a the last hour of light spare on Saturday so hopped in the Landy and popped to a local farm a few minutes away. It’s split into two small blocks with a short drive in between, there are roe at both but the first place has the pasture let to a shepherd who rotates the grass quite regularly making it bloody hard to second guess what’s go be to be where! 

Anyway, spent too long at the first place knowing full well it was a waste of time (but for some reason doing it anyway) making the visit to the second place a bit of a rush. 

Got to my favourite observation spot and waited - hadn’t dressed for (and haven’t acclimatised to) the ever-so-slightly cold weather so was glad to get down in the long grass on the edge of a wood when I saw a doe and two kids coming over the bank, ranging them at 180m away one of the kids was quite significantly smaller than the other so the idea was to take this one and let the other crack on and live to get bigger. Too early to be taking the parent doe. 

On the safe side of ‘a rising bank of soft ground’ they weren’t getting any closer and the light was on turn. At 170m I gave the 6.5 a few clicks and at the shot saw the target flinch and make a few meters before piling up. Turned out to be a button buck, significantly smaller that the parent doe but still 25lb on the hook which isn’t too shabby for a yearling this side on Christmas.



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Brilliant caliber,  Matt which gun is that I have the manlicher, 6.5 x55 I have used 6.5 for around 15 yr, and started fancying a update, gun that is not caliber 

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Nice going mate and you cant beat a beast in the freezer at this time of year 

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