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neil b

Back at them

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After a weekend off we were back at the rabbits, as we drove up to our destination it was making a perfect morning, a slight overnight frost, clear blue sky and just a slight breeze for a change. We had a spot in mind that we had seen rabbits bouncing about, only one problem it was steep, terrain more suitable to a mountain goat not the humble rabbit, but they were there so we were going to have a go at catching afew, our plan of attack was to get above them and push them into the warrens below us, so after a lung busting trek up hill it was time to drop down we're we had seen rabbits go ground, the first 2 setts produced 11 and an over enthusiastic lurcher, she was well and truley tangled up, I wasn't impressed to say the least! Onwards and upwards we went dropping onto occupied warrens, bolting rabbits in good numbers, with the odd dig thrown in, one place I had a Jill in and could see the ground moving, I had just turned the sod back to revile one bunny, tucked in behind him was his mate, 2 for the price of 1 


we carried on like this until dinner time, bolting afew, digging afew, for the first time in 4 outings the lurcher could hear the subterranean   Thunder taking place under her feet, she caught afew before they hit the nets, on a perfect day we ended on 37 


only the long trek back to the van now fully loaded it took some doing 


until next time cheers Neil b 

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4 hours ago, jason lennon said:

Dont hav any land like that all hedges where I hunt looks class that spot

Hedges are just a distant memory for us now,fortunately it's just open fell/ moorland 

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