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  1. They're is loads of greyhound ferrets in Ireland mate I hav 2 myself a big buck and a doe
  2. Love the videos keep them coming any chance you could show us some of them hunting spots on the beam would love to see some of them being lamped
  3. Dont hav any land like that all hedges where I hunt looks class that spot
  4. Class pictures love the tree dog ha
  5. Spoiled for choice up there great ground to ferret
  6. Wow they are some numbers your getting I only manage around 20ish
  7. Class pictures great to work dogs on that bank you can see all the action
  8. Ive never seen any ground like that in ireland were I ferret class keep the pictures coming
  9. Some really good marking by your lurcher.they look like real good burrows to ferret
  10. Hi if anyone on here knows nelson I hav been trying to contact him for the last couple of weeks,his inbox might be full.I am after some quickset long nets off him.any help would be great thanks
  11. I have saluki whippet cross pups for sale but they are in ireland I hav a gold one with touches of white on her
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