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Multicatch Live Rat Traps?

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Well I personally haven't used any multi catch myself. There are several different types of multi catch. Are you talking about a specific type or design?


I do remember seeing a large type, multi rat trap back about twenty five years ago. It worked extremely well. Must have been two foot square, and had six or seven rats in it the day I saw it. Don't recall the make, or design unfortunately, and not seen anything like it since. Must ask my mate who is very knowledgeable in all things traps and trapping.

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Eddie that's the one I recall seeing thought it was on here but maybe not. need get shut of them quick but we got other wildlife we can't harm so iv been shooting them just thought if i could get a live trap be ideal.

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Attached is a link to my mates online library of Pest Control papers. Here is a "Fuller traps catalogue" from the early 1970's. Scroll down and you'll see The Legg Multi Catch Trap. Think it was designed primarily for squirrel, but was probably good for rats too. Scroll down further and you will see The Fuller Multi Catch Vermin Trap. Think this maybe the one I seen years ago.




As I already mentioned, i've never used a multi catch myself, so can't really recomend anything, but I'm sure there are similar traps like this, on the market if you search for them.


By the way, lots of good info on traps and pest control of days gone by on that site, if any of you are looking for a good read.

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Most "multi catch" rat traps have a hook for bait or a treadle step with only room for one rat behind it so you'll only catch one rat at a time.

The ones that have a trap door to let rats in but not out in my experience only catch the first rat but thats all.

But if you evenly spread grain across the floor of any of these traps you'll have several rats in them at once and at some stage one will bump against the hook or footplate.

I've had 6 in one small trap which had a hook for hanging bait on it.

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