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What Is A Cork White Terrier

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Must be something about lines that start with the letter c, cork terriers, cocker terriers, can only be spoken about in whispers and behind closed doors and only by men who have been gifted dogs from the very men that started the line. Anyone else that speaks of these lines doesn't know there ass from there elbow and should be shot at dawn.

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It is what it is, who gives a toss? If lads have this line and they work them and get the sod turned over them on a regular basis it's up to themselves, and fair play to them. No one else intrudes apart from when it's brought up on here. opinions are like assholes, we know the rest of that sentence. Get out there let them go to do the job if they want too, if they're not up for it, colour or breeding doesn't come into it. Disappointment comes into it but the same factors remain, dust yourself off learn and continue and keep going forward.

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