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Primos Tripod Trigger Sticks - Faulty

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Friday my Primos Tripod trigger stick stopped working, they we're jamming and the trigger wasn't working, making the stick unusable, after using for a year I've become very attached to them so replacing wasn't an option.Today I stripped them down, and I'm happy to say they're now back in action and like new :thumbs:


Thought i'd share the simple steps to take to repair just in case anyone else is having same problem.



Step 1


Remove the screw with Alan key wrench from bottom of the trigger handle




Step 2


Adjust the bolt, lowering the pin, the pin presses onto top of legs releasing the legs, for some reason it's worked it's self loose and wasn't putting enough pressure to lower or raise the legs, seems to be a common problem.




Step 3


Check the trigger is working and close back together.




*** I watched a video of a gentleman on youtube putting BB's into the hole so the pin hit the BB's, not quiet sure why you would do this when you can simply adjust the trigger :blink: **



This is top of legs when stripped, you'll not need to strip to fix this problem, but thought id share also.









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I use my trigger sticks at least once a week but usually several times a week and have done for the past 18 months, superb product.


Thank you for the repair info and keeping my fingers crossed that I don't need to do it.



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