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  1. I’ve used all the available .20 pellets in my Hw 100 and the best by far are jsb exacts. I don’t know of a 100 that doesn’t like exacts. Interestingly I found .20 bisley super fields ( can’t remover exact weight) just as accurate at 50 yards and even more interesting they had exactly the same poi as the heavier 13.73gn exacts with no scope adjustments. The exacts have a far superior BC so are much more efficient.
  2. mr rooney


    I tried a cheap range finder then a Hawke LRF 400 and finally got one that is totally reliable accurate and gives instant reading .... a Nikon 7i. You could be lucky and spend £12.50 ( china’s finest) and end up with a gem of a range finder but I had to spend £260 ( if I remember correctly) to find one I’m happy with.
  3. mr rooney

    Hw 100 pellet choice

    Some hw barrrels like 4.51 and some like 4.52 pellets. Not yet come across one that likes 4.53’s. Most .177 HW’s I’ve come across do very well with JSB’s.
  4. mr rooney

    A good night but lost a magazine

    I lost a hw mag in the field but found it 6 weeks later covered in mud. Washed it down cleaned o ring up as it’s perfect. Keep retracing you route especily check places where you’ve stopped. I orderd some extra mags from a Czech bloke on eBay who made up two in .20 size for me and they’re utterly brilliant and a lot cheaper than a genuine part.
  5. mr rooney

    Brilliant surprise

    Does she have a single twin sister?
  6. mr rooney

    Brilliant surprise

    Your wife has made a great choice !!!
  7. mr rooney

    .20 Hunting Perfection?

    I have a.20 HW 100 with Cs 700 stock a&m cylinder and with jsb exacts can give small finger nail size groups st 50 yards and take out shot gun shells at 100 yards.
  8. mr rooney

    First time shooting in a month

    I take my hat off to anyone who goes out shooting in this weather ! Oh....and yes it’s easy to tweak the power of the 100.
  9. mr rooney


    I’ve used muc boots ( and all sorts of boots) for a while which were comfortable but had hopeless levels of traction on steep muddy terrain which is not good with your beloved riffle in hand . Then my farmer friend told me what a lot of farmers use and I haven’t looked back since. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F361788511521
  10. mr rooney

    Pellet lube

    I found adding any sort of lube brings you into a world of inconsistency especially if any finds its way into to skirt. I just use .20 JSBs our of the tin and they’re capable of hitting shot gun shells at 100 yards so good enough for me.
  11. Just ordered the gen 3 version . Good to know DIY service is possible ( just like my HW100) and as mentioned an indispensable aid to help you enjoy your shooting imho .
  12. mr rooney

    Shooting sticks

    I bought a Dorr rapid11 tri pod for £49 that looks like an exact copy of the primos. Used it for the first time on Sunday and sent it back Monday cos it broke! Now oredered the primos gen 3 ....... you get what you pay for?
  13. mr rooney

    Tuned 98 and MTC Connect?

    You could try using the rubber eye piece to give a bit of a cushion effect on ones eye socket? I used the eye piece while in the field and down the range on my HW 100. With no problem but it needed a zip tie to keep it from faling off in the field .
  14. mr rooney


    Surprised none of you lads use ladies tights . American tan are particuly effective in told lol !
  15. mr rooney


    My mate has one. The balance is perfect especialy for standing shots. It's very compact and pointable compared to my HW100T in .20 with cs700 stock. Would I swop my HW100T for one ... no but I'd have one to keep it company. Things I don't like are putting your cheek on the cold scope rail but sorted by using a pad that attaches to scope rail. The trigger linkage is a bit Heath Robinson and you loose some feel compared to standard gun. Overall I like it but still prefer the standard gun.