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Craig, living in Florida has made me realize alot of things done in the north needed to be changed for our landscape,I have ran all coat types and prefer a hard, coarse, double coat, with border type skin is the best here. The briars really tear up a dogs muzzle and dig into the flesh, the border type coats just get shorter & resist briars better in my opinion. The amount of water down here cools them during the summer & mild temps during the winter has no effect. The other coat types are fine but the dogs head looks like its been fighting ditch cougars and everything hunted here seems to get under/into the biggest briar piles they can find.

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Rough with a double coat and the coat should be harsh not soft.

All coats will hold water, but some will shake it off easier. The difference I find with a harsh double coat is it's harder for rain to penatrate it. This bitch has a soft coat, it doesn't hold out r

in the cold and wet a bit more fat on the dog is as important as coat, too light and they suffer in the cold, visa versa in the heat.

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I've always liked the coat and thick skin that Border Terriers have, just a shame the show brigade got hold of them and ruined the job.

I agree 100% ,if the Border fanciers had paid as much attention to the heart of the dog as they did keeping the coat the Border might still be a worker.

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yes your right neil. but you do get borders that work,not many but when one goes he is as good as any other type of terrier, as far as im concerned far to many people slate the border terrier,instead of trying to better the breed . money and fame,. rossette hunters ruined the border terrier.

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