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  1. 10-20 mg per kg of body weight orally every 8-12 hours
  2. Stunt, D.E. & Doc are still around but they use FB groups. Still running coyotes too.
  3. Yankee Boris was a Gould dog, Tuffy was Nuttall. Digger I am unsure. Barrie, John spoke highly of you & I have a little of that blood in my current dogs. He never charged me for a dog & was always honest about the breedings
  4. Barrie is this the same Cap & Molly that J. Reuvers in the US had blood off of ? That Punch/Penny blood produced well.
  5. Pinave, hunt for fun & dont let anyone bash what you do, everyone has there favorite hunts. I have tried everything with my terriers from coyote dens to ratting & can honestly say some of my best times out hunting was with the kids blistering a pile of rats. I regularly take armadillos, not because they are tough, it's because they are a nuisance. But the same people will call when the problem is tougher game also. I would rather see a man working his dog to anything than to go commando on the keyboard with his yorkie. Not everyone has the same level of quality game at their disposal,
  6. Craig, living in Florida has made me realize alot of things done in the north needed to be changed for our landscape,I have ran all coat types and prefer a hard, coarse, double coat, with border type skin is the best here. The briars really tear up a dogs muzzle and dig into the flesh, the border type coats just get shorter & resist briars better in my opinion. The amount of water down here cools them during the summer & mild temps during the winter has no effect. The other coat types are fine but the dogs head looks like its been fighting ditch cougars and everything hunted here seems
  7. Regardless of what might have transpired, I'm glad he got into hunting terriers because it made him a friend of mine, END OF STORY.
  8. Pete Sparks said as long as 2 men had 2 dogs dogfighting would continue, Sparks retired from the Pentagon, but I knew Sparks, no angel. Michael Vick was convicted but I would let him teach football, Who tells is a matter of subject and any kind of bloodsport attracts unsavory characters, sometimes its the person with the most to lose that gets blamed but in reality its the lowlife that is the snitch avoiding extra time.
  9. His career was why he was labeled, only one guy ever made a public comment & you can internet research it. I stand behind him 100%. Bryan I still have that bitch John got from Mains breeding
  10. From what he told me he got out of the pits because of the dog fighting laws, there was some dust up from another dogman, John lost his job. He ultimately moved into another career & started with the digging dogs in the 80's. He never told me anything that was suspect. He preferred the old Nuttal lines going back to Punch/Penny, but told me Goulds Boris was the best dog he ever seen work in America. He was a true dogman placing dogs in hunters hands without money being a factor. He built my yard & alot of others. No matter what anyone thinks he earned my respect.
  11. Good friend & dogman states side, helped me alot with dogs & knowledge. He will be missed greatly. Had many friends in the terrier world & was a genuine dogman.
  12. First off that little coon in the video is a canned hunt, any dog worth his salt should take on a coon twice his size. I would let the dog play with rats/soft game up to 6-8 months, then let him run with a quality dog until 12 months on bigger game, only letting him rag the tired carcass, after that I let him have a go on his own, if he stalls I wait until he is a bit older, then retry, if he fails I go back to working him with a more experienced dog, if he still fails its by by time. Most of the quality working dogs I have owned had to be held back for their own good, I would take Pitdawg up
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