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Ticking Time Bombs With Stock

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I had a few issues with my Gwp bred lurcher when she was young, she never touched a sheep or cow but would sometimes run alongside them. Until then I thought any stock problems were simply down to the owner not stock breaking correctly. I watch my German pointers when they are young because that breed has been known to go for sheep. Guy Wallace mentions it in his Hpr book " the versatile gundog". I'm always on edge the first few times I take a dog on to the moors or cover filled dales no matter how many thousand sheep they have seen in simple fields near home. Sheep can jump up out of bracken or rushes or run through cover and I feel a dog can look twice until it learns. I've seen the same happen out with young hounds.

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any type of dog will have a go at sheep, the breeds or type don't come into it .Farmers have had collies for years never kill sheep ,then one day out of the blue they had one, never trust a dog 100

IMO a dog that has never chase sheep in its life is more of a time bomb than a dog that has and been corrected.

Thing I find some lads forget walking a dog through sheep and hunting a dog around them is totally different when a dogs energy is up and sheep and running over the place it's very different to just w

I've mentioned it before but breaking them to sheep is easy enough when walking a pup through a flock of Un alarmed sheep. But it can sometimes go a bit pear shaped when a single ewe bursts out of a clump of bushes when up in the hill. That's a real test of steadiness, which I'm afraid a few sound dogs fail.



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