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Advice Whippet And Ferrets

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Hi guys


I do the whole ferreting,,shooting trapping lark.but this is my first year with a whippet and I'm a bit on the edge of caution to introduce the ferreting and whippet together.at home my whippet and terrier moch about the stables and pig pen together.now over the last few months he has started to follow in the terriers footsteps and become a good ratter.self taught lol.he is steady with all other dogs and cats but keen on the rabbits.infact both dogs are inseparable and work together lovely.terrier wouldn't touch a ferret she's steady.but I've yet to introduce the whippet.im 100% sure while I'm holding it it is fine but worried if it pops out a hole 30yds away will buddy pounce.im probably just being daft but I don't want to hurt a ferret if any of you guys have any tips to share with me.put me at ease.like I say ferret n whippet together I've never worked at same time.


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My whippet was introduced to a ferret at 9 months. I was sceptical as he had never seen one before. Was steady as f@ck and pretty much ignored the ferret within minutes. Job done. Was so much easier than I thought. You just need to have a crack pal.. It should be fine

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Thanks lads will have to suck it up and give it a go in house where he is used to animals being out of bounds.the bit that was worrying was he had been copying the terrier and nailing rats while out wandering in stables.just hope the ferrets don't activate the kill button 😁.if he copy's the terrier this time all will be ok

Thanks again

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intorduce the whippet to the ferrets around the home a few times before taking him out with them. if the terrier is fine with the ferrets and has done ferreting before take the terrier with you aswell, if the whippet as learnt to rat from the terrier theres a good chance it will follow the terriers lead when you go ferreting.


be cautious and just keep a eye on the whippet though

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:hmm: In my opinion,..especially around the hedgerows and in the brash,..there is no better combo, than a fast, educated whippet and his pal, the ferret... :thumbs: I've had some great sport with whippets, hard bloods,..and pedigree working lines,....phenomenal, fully committed wee jukels,..with quicksilver reflexes :yes:

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